Upcoming Nintendo Direct Will Detail The MiiVerse Before Wii U Launches

Nintendo have been so sheepishly quiet when it comes to information on their online network for the Wii U that they might as well be sat in a vacuum with a vice clamping down on their already tight lips. This has been worrying to say the very least considering the latest Nintendo home console launches in less than a month in North America.

One branch of the online network will of course be the MiiVerse and we have heard at least a little more on it since we first heard of it back at E3 with good old Non-Specific Action Figure…

Reggie has already spoken about how the social network will be filled with Nintendo gamers and that you’ll most likely have friends suggested to you in the same way Facebook does. Other than this though, details have been sketchy at best but fortunately Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s President, has revealed during an investor Q&A in Japan that there will be another Nintendo Direct before the Wii U hits shelves that will focus entirely on the Nintendo’s brand new social network.

This is good news as so many people including even developers are in the dark when it comes to the MiiVerse. However, the MiiVerse is just a branch of the whole Nintendo Network and the real core details are still completely unknown with many developers still questioning its capabilities even now.

Hopefully this new Nintendo Direct will get everyone a bit more in the know but we need more info on the network itself including how games will play online! Come on Nintendo, be a bit more sociable!

[Source: Nintendo Japan]

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