Game Center CX vs. Iwata Asks Translation Reveals Iwata Is Keen To Get Coding Again

The Game Center CX special which aired after the Japanese Nintendo Direct, in which Satoru Iwata surprised host Arino ‘The Chief’ Shinya by being a special guest, has helpfully been given English subtitles revealing some interesting insight into the Nintendo President’s career.

In the casual interview Arino asked Iwata whether or not he would like to get back into the hands-on development of games once more. Iwata, who formally worked at HAL before making the leap to becoming Nintendo’s president, appeared to be keen on the idea but remains reluctant.

“If I had the time, I would love to. If I put aside my duties as company president to work on games, I believe it would inconvience many people. I am resisting.”

Arino then asked ”What if you spent an hour every day making a Famicom-class game?” To which Iwata replied.

“Games can be purchased as online downloads now. They create new opportunities. A single individual can then create and release their own games. Yes, it may be my chance.”

He also touched upon his time at HAL during the early days when they were a very small developer.

“It was a tiny company. When I began there, I was one of only five workers. So my parents were vehemently opposed. For about half a year… my father didn’t speak to me. Although we did argue.”

Asked how he ended up working in the video game industry, Iwata replied:

“I believed computers were going to change the world.”

His interest with computers began when he received his first one, a calculator only capable of displaying numbers; but of course that didn’t stop him from making games with it and playing with his friends!

Iwata also had a few questions for the Chief as well, saying at one point “you are not a game developer but you have contributed greatly to the spread and education of video games.”

Shinya replied simply with:

“All I do is play and whine!”

Don’t we all Arino, don’t we all…

So some good insight into Satoru Iwata’s past there. What do you reckon? Would you buy a WiiWare title made by Nintendo’s President?

Check out the video below for the full interview. Be warned though, there’s more laughter in it that an episode of the Big Bang Theory…

[Sources: Nintendo World Report; Something Awful]

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