Iwata: Mobile Gaming Does Not Offer The “Unparalleled Fun” Of Dedicated Gaming Systems

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has spoken during a recent investor Q&A about the challenges Nintendo face with the emergence of mobile gaming.

In the Q&A session, Iwata spoke about how dedicated gaming consoles offer “unparalleled fun” that mobile games cannot match.

“Some say that they do not need dedicated gaming systems because they can play a number of games for free or for 85 Yen each on smartphones. We believe that neither Nintendo nor dedicated gaming systems are worthy of existence unless our games give consumers unparalleled fun, which games for free or for 85 Yen do not supply.”

Iwata made reference to i-mode, the mobile internet service that made a wealth of mobile games more accessible to the Japanese public, which many said would kill off the need for dedicated handheld gaming devices. Nintendo’s president recognises the threat but says Nintendo have consistently been offering the gamer something mobile devices cannot, going on to say:

“We have two things to do: to offer consumers gaming experiences which smart devices cannot realize and to actively try to make smart devices our allies, not our enemies.”

Nintendo’s president evidently realises the value in smart devices for Nintendo’s marketing campaigns, making people more aware of upcoming products.

“Those who are interested in the Animal Crossing series, but are not aware of Nintendo Direct might have seen a tweet about the video and the link to it on their Twitter timeline and actually accessed it on their smartphone. In this context, smartphones are nothing but our friend.”

Iwata feels Nintendo must make use of the advantages smart devices bring while at the same time offering gaming experiences they are not capable of creating.

What are your thoughts on the mobile gaming market? Do you think it offers a threat to the future of dedicated gaming systems? We’d love to hear your views!

[Source: Nintendo Japan]

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