Paper Mario Sticker Star – My Hands On Experience

Coming to 3DS and 3DSXL on 7th December in Europe is Paper Mario Sticker Star. The fourth in the Paper Mario series is one of the console’s most highly anticipated games, having been announced originally long ago when the 3DS was first revealed.
On visiting MCM Expo in London yesterday I was fortunate to get some good hands on time with some preview code for this fantastic game. It sounds like it was the same code that Andy played at Play Expo in Manchester, but I too am keen to share some details about the bit I was able to play with you all. The Expo, and particularly the Nintendo stand, was very busy, but multiple copies of Sticker Star meant I got a good 45 mins of play on this title without interruptions. The staff on the stand seemed happy to let me continue to play and I also managed to get in a couple of photos of the game in action too.
I played the opening introduction section to the game, seemingly a tutorial introducing the peeling of stickers from walls and crates, the ability to use a hammer as well as jump and also the first turn by turn battle. The games starts with Mario as a literal piece of screwed up paper, unfolding little by little until ready to play.
The first stage of this area required finding your aid for the adventure; a small paper talking crown called Kersti. Through the process of calls of ‘over here!’ and ‘no, this way’, as you walk towards Toads stuck to walls and crates close by, you find Kersti and she explains that she will be available to help out. You then hold A to ‘peel’ each of the Toads away before you’re able to proceed to the next area.
The town where the Toads live has been rolled up and it’s our job to find the required number of Toads needed to unroll this large sheet of paper. With the introduction of your Hammer you’re encouraged to hit things in the scenery in order to start this process as you explore a small area including three houses. This includes hitting the ground to make paper bushes stand up and smashing crates to find Toads hiding inside. Finding a Toad hiding behind a bush, ready to surprise Bowser on his return, I proceeded to find the rest of the Toads required.
Paper Mario Sticker Star hands on
Toad hunting
An entertaining, quirky and genuinely amusing process of exploring the area inside and around the three houses meant finding Toads in all sorts of places. Jumping up underneath a shelter multiple times gradually ‘unfolded’ a screwed up Toad that was hiding on top; hitting the ground near a doormat caused it to flip over revealing a Toad underneath; knocking over a bin caused a rolled up Toad to roll out onto the floor and hitting a painting on the wall encouraged a few Toads behind it to come out from hiding. This process was great fun to play through.
With the required number of Toads found and the town now revealed after a team effort to unroll it, the bridge to the first true ‘level’ was revealed. But, before I could leave I was introduced to turn by turn battling with the arrival three Goombas. With the stickers I had collected from around the area I had the option to use my Hammer, but I used the jump move twice and quickly disposed of the threat.
Before my session came to an end I took a quick look at the over world map. I had the option to move to world one or two and was impressed to see what looked like quite a sizeable map with more worlds that needed unlocking.
This brief introduction to the game set the scene for what I am confident will be a top game and possibly the best in the series. The humour and puzzle elements were intriguing, the 3D visuals beautiful and the range of levels that have been previewed in recent trailers look like they’re going to be fun to explore.
Has anyone else played this preview of the games? What did you think? I for one can’t wait for this game and am looking forward to playing it properly. So long as I can find some time to do so once the Wii U has been released…
One Response to “Paper Mario Sticker Star – My Hands On Experience”
  1. Andy Green says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one excited for this! A really good game that’s genuinely got me considering purchasing an XL! The 3D on this game is stunning!


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