Nabbit All Set To Steal The Show In New Super Mario Bros. U

A new character from the Mushroom Kingdom has been introduced to us all: meet Nabbit, the strange purple bunny-eared burglar who’ll no doubt be causing Mario all sorts of headaches in the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U.

Nabbit will appear on the world map from time to time and you’ll have the task of catching this pesky little pincher. Doing so will allow you to get the super-powerful P-Acorn which will allow you to fly continuously throughout a stage. Sure makes the squirrel suit look redundant…

The world map will be seamless for the first time since Super Mario World in the early 1990s. It will be non-linear and features various courses, levels, named worlds and hidden exits! Just like the old days!

Nintendo have also revealed that the game will feature four different challenge modes: Time Attack, Coin Collection, 1-Up Rally and Special along with a speed-run style boost mode which saves a replay of the action upon completion so players can show off their accomplishments. Perhaps you can show off to your pals on the MiiVerse. You can even get others involved with the GamePad, placing handy boost pads along the way to give you a helping hand.

What do you think to young Nabbit then? He seems to have already nabbed Bowser Jr’s neckerchief, will he be nabbing our hearts or will he become an irritant? We’re looking forward to finding out!

[Picture Source: Official Nintendo Magazine]

One Response to “Nabbit All Set To Steal The Show In New Super Mario Bros. U”
  1. noik says:

    its bowser jr in disguise!


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