Opinion: All DLC For Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Be Free

I let out a little “yahoo” of relief when it was announced that there will be zero charge for all downloadable content in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Boy, was I happy. I’m not only elated that I’ll be able to download excellent add-ons to my little village but more so because of the excellent fan service that Nintendo is giving us by agreeing to scrap charges for New Leaf‘s DLC.

Nintendo are probably well aware that players would pay for this content; Animal Crossing has a vast cult following, which is why a 3DS sequel is being made. So Nintendo knows that there would be a lot of wonga to be made here but instead of being greedy they have chosen to honour the Animal Crossing fanbase and let them have this little extra treat for nothing. It’s like they’re saying to us, “Go on then, enjoy. You’ve earned it, thanks for waiting.”

In a recent financial Q&A, Iwata discussed this decision, saying how it wouldn’t be right to charge players for DLC in Animal Crossing. He’s right, it just doesn’t seem to fit. Animal Crossing is not that sort of game, it is supposed to be a relaxing second life where you can escape all that infuriates you about the real world. In Iwata’s own words, it would change the gameplay so much that it would make the experience “unwholesome”. The issue has been discussed with the development team and he has confirmed that it all DLC shall be free.

“That sort of element [paid DLC] is absolutely not being added.”

Well PHEW is all I can say. Thank you, Nintendo, you have made the right decision and I love you even more for this truly altruistic decision.

Now all that remains is the small matter of what this DLC shall entail… Things to pretty up your town? Furniture? Clothing? Who knows. We shall just have to wait and see.

[Source: Kotaku; Nintendo Japan]

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