Iwata: Backward Compatibility Is “A Very Important Element” But Still No GameCube Confirmation

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has reiterated his belief that backward compatibility is a very useful feature when releasing a new console.

During a recent Q&A meeting with investors, Iwata said that backward compatibilty is useful as the gaming portfolio of a new console on launch is fairly limited.

“With regard to the backward compatibility with Wii, we think that product compatibility is a very important element during the transitional period from one platform to another. The software lineup for a new platform is not very rich during such a period and many consumers do not want to throw away the software they bought for the previous platform.”

Iwata also pointed to the limitations of a TV stand as well:

“As there is usually no space for many video game consoles on a TV stand, some even hate to buy a new one unless they can move the previous one to another location or store it in the closet. Compatibility is of great significance in these respects.”

He’s right though, there are so many devices these days, it’s like playing Tetris everytime a new console comes out…

The president also touched upon his desire to continue selling Wii software, saying:

“There are many Wii software titles that are still enjoyable, and when you have never played a game, you can enjoy it as nothing but a newly released game. We would therefore like to take advantage of business opportunities to sell software for a previous console.”

Unfortunately though Iwata didn’t touch upon whether or not GameCube games would be coming to the Nintendo eShop. We already know the console itself cannot read GameCube discs as the Wii could so right now the Wii U is not fully backward compatible. Hopefully Nintendo confirm it soon as the GameCube has some of the best games ever made in its back-catalogue!

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see GameCube games be made available on the eShop?

[Source: Nintendo Japan]

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