New Trailer For Animal Crossing: New Leaf Released On Japanese eShop

Another tantalising trailer for Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been released on the Japanese eShop recently and there are certainly a few new little chunks of information that we can learn from it.

First of all, we can see some of the new interactive landmarks that you will be able to place in you village. The bench is old news but did you SEE that gong thing and the little clock tower?! Also, the lighthouse is back. I wonder if this will result in the return of the lighthouse mission for Tortimer where you have to turn on the light every evening for a week to revive a special little reward (which I shall not be giving away).

The shopping area is looking more beautiful and exciting than ever with (I assume) all of the shops on view. We can also see that the museum is in the same area as the shops, separated by a little pond. I’m unsure if this will be an inconvenience when it comes to catching bugs and fish in your village, then having to traipse all the way into town to donate them to the museum. But I suppose it depends on fast the public transport is!

I’m adoring the level of customisation in New Leaf, particularly the customisation of your own character. All of the new accessories, shoes, hairstyles and clothing will mean that it’s unlikely you’ll wear the same outfit two days in a row anymore!

The island that you can travel to via Kapp’n’s boat is vaster than imagined and if you take a peek at those trees on the grass, could that be a new fruit? It certainly looks like lemons to me. I’m getting excited about lemons… Please help me.

Everything just looks a whole load more beautiful this time around. From the fish in the museum tanks to the houses of your villagers, every single element looks more defined and lifelike. Finally, Animal Crossing is getting the beauty it deserves which will mean that it is even easier to truly immerse yourself and escape your worries in your little genteel paradise.

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