SiNG Party To Get Started In The New Year

If you were hoping that SiNG Party would be released in time for Christmas, brace yourself for imminent disappointment as the game has been scheduled for release on 18th January next year.

The game features hits by The Wanted, Jason Mraz, Queen, The Supremes, The Jackson 5 and of course THAT song by Carly Rae Jepsen and developer FreeStyleGames have confirmed that it will feature various modes for you to warble your way through including Party Mode, Sing Mode, Team Mode and Practice Mode.

Party Mode sees one particularly unlucky individual sing the lyrics from the Wii U GamePad. The idea seems to be so that the singer can face the audience while they bop around to on-screen prompts. Sing Mode takes the more traditional approach of reading the song lyrics off the TV screen while being judged in real time by your Wii U who will be playing the part of Simon Cowell… You can team up with players and sing in harmony or if you’re feeling more competitive you can have a sing-off! Meanwhile in Team Mode you’ll band up with a few mates and attempt to defeat the opposing side in a battle of the vocal chords… Interestingly in this mode you can have an ‘impartial judge’ to rate each team on the GamePad. Can’t see that going too well if you ask me…

Practice mode is fairly obvious, you get to hone your skills without the Wii U judging you. Well it probably will… As will your neighbours.

What do you all think? Excited to start SiNGing on the Wii U?

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