20% Of Rayman Legends Will Require A GamePad Wielding Helper

Rayman Legends, the upcoming Wii U exclusive, will have just a fifth of the gameplay experience dependant on the GamePad being used asymmetrically, while the rest will focus on the classic platforming we all come to expect from a Rayman game.

Speaking to ONM, lead game designer Emile Morel confirmed the single-to-multiplayer ratio and explained why the team made the decisions they did.

“In the vast majority of the game you play as Rayman. However, we did also design a handful of levels (less than 20% of the game) with asymmetrical multiplayer in mind. Since this is the main innovation that the Wii U brings, we felt it was important to make content optimized for this.”

Of course in the asymmetric multiplayer levels, Murphy the frog will be required much more to help the player progress.

“These maps feature more situations where Murphy needs to interact with the world to clear paths and solve problems for the other players. So, when playing in single player, you will actually take control of Murphy to guide and protect another character.”

Morel also confirmed that these levels will be optional which is probably for the best. Nobody wants to get stuck in a game because they don’t have a buddy available to help them!

“We’ve included enough Teensies and lums in the more “traditional” maps to progress through the world without playing these maps. That said, these levels are really fun, and playing as Murphy in solo or in multiplayer is really a new gameplay experience that only the Wii U GamePad can offer you.”

This reiterates what Morel has said before in an interview with Nintendo World Report where he said:

“We really want to make sure that when people buy the Wii U and buy this game they can play with the GamePad even if they don’t have friends at home to play with them. It’s important for us that they can use the new device and the new gameplay experience alone at home.”

This is a bit of a turnaround considering Morel has previously stated that nearly half the game would require Murphy; now it’s just a fifth. It’s an interesting development and one that might explain why Rayman Legends was put back a little. Many people expressed their worry when it was revealed Murphy would be so integral.

Rayman Legends was originally scheduled as a Wii U launch game but was sadly put back to an early 2013 release. Will you be getting hold of a copy in the new year?

[Source: Official Nintendo Magazine]

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