America Gets Its First Wii U TV Commercial

The Wii U will be available in America on 18th November, a couple of weeks before Europe. You’d think then, that the US would have their marketing machine at all-systems go by now but they’ve only just had their first Wii U TV advert aired, nearly two weeks later than the UK’s first was broadcasted!

The tecno-tastic advert shows a whole host of different kinds of gamers all stacked around each other in a bizarre wall of neon-lit chambers. It’s quite a clever advert in that it doesn’t typically stick to just showing off the family appeal as the Wii launch adverts did. It also shows players playing alone or in pairs on games like Nintendo Land’s Metroid Blast, a bunch of young ‘uns enjoying New Super Mario Bros. U and of course a bunch of teenage girls enjoying what is presumable SiNG Party.

It’s not all about games though as chamber is inhabited by a couple who choose a movie to watch using the Wii U GamePad and the pre-installed TVii. I’m not sure they’ll get much peace and quiet with that lot around them to be honest…

At the end of the commercial the enthusiastic American voiceover proclaims, “The all new Wii U: How U will play next.”

What do you think to the new advert? Does it hit the spot?

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