Miyamoto Surprised Fans Want To See F-Zero On Wii U

Of all of Nintendo’s franchises it’s the futuristic race series F-Zero that has the palest skin these days. In fact the series has not been let outside now for over eight years, not since we saw F-Zero: Climax on the Game Boy Advance, and that was Japan only! The West hasn’t played one now since F-Zero: GP Legend in 2004!

Fans of the fast-paced franchise have been chomping at the bit, desperate for some form of news and Shigeru Miyamoto has finally come out and given them some. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be too happy!

In an interview with French site Game Kult, Miyamoto was asked about the future of the franchise and his response was somewhat disappointing.

Game Kult: After a quick survey on Twitter, one of the games French gamers miss the most is F Zero. Nobody really understands why Nintendo hasn’t made a new one since 2004. Is there a chance we can see it back on Wii U?

Miyamoto: [eyes open wide] I am really pleased to hear Twitter’s opinion, because since the first episode on SNES many games have been made but the series has evolved very little. I thought people had grown weary of it.

I’d like to say: Thank you very much and try to wait by playing Nintendo Land’s F-Zero mini-game. I am also very curious and I’d like to ask those people: Why F-Zero? What do you want that we haven’t done before?

It appears that Miyamoto feels the series has already given everything it had to offer and that a future iteration looks unlikely at this stage. What do you think to this news? Are you disappointed? Our eyes were certainly left wide open in astonishment!

[Source: Game Kult; My Nintendo News; Nintendo Life]

3 Responses to “Miyamoto Surprised Fans Want To See F-Zero On Wii U”
  1. “try to wait by playing Nintendo Land’s F-Zero mini-game”

    Hmm, leaves me hopeful.


  2. Nathan says:

    “What do you want that we haven’t done before?”

    I don’t always want something new. I loved the old 16bit era of gaming and would love to play HD versions of classics, franchises don’t need to be reinvented just sharpened up for today’s HD world.

    Virual Console is great, but replaying old games is always disappointing as the graphics are so blocky, imagine being able to replay games in the way you think you remember them, exactly the same gameplay but with HD sprites.


  3. He has a point. But I still just want it using the GamePad in some cool way, HD graphics and sweet new tracks. I hope he is calling our bluff.


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