Rune Factory 4 Localisation Teased By XSEED

Game developers and publishers sure are socialites these days aren’t they? I don’t know when they find the time to actually produce games anymore! In this digital age more and more of them are jumping onto the social media bandwagon and dishing out news via their Twitter feed, Facebook posts or YouTube channels.

XSEED Games are the latest publisher to drop a bombshell on a social network with the following teasing reply to an innocuous Facebook wall message posted by a fan asking if Rune Factory 4 would be localised for a Western release:

Hmmm, we’ve had an itch to work on another Rune Factory game since we loved Frontier so much, so let’s see if we can’t grab a back scratcher somehow…

This ‘Frontier’ they speak of is of course Rune Factory Frontier which was released on the Wii way back in 2009. XSEED are probably more well known for publishing The Last Story in North America this year.

This is hardly a confirmation of a Western release for Rune Factory 4 but it’s definitely a step in the right direction! Are you guys hoping it’ll eventually make it over?

[Sources: Facebook; Nintendo Everything; Nintendo Life]

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