Wii U Web Browser Specs Detailed By Nintendo

Nintendo have revealed more information on their website about the Wii U’s internet browser confirming it will use the same NetFront Browser engine the 3DS uses.

As we already know, players will be able to use the browser while playing the game and they can also browse the web from the GamePad while the TV is being used for something other than gaming.

The web browser won’t be compatible with any plug-ins unfortunately, so Adobe Flash is out with HTML5 being supported instead. Saving or uploading images through the browser will not be supported nor will multi-touch features like pinch-to-zoom so if you’re used to a proper tablet this may feel like a bit of a come down to you.

The Wii U does look to be a pretty capable web browser with HTML5 however. Nintendo Life recently posted the following handy little list contrived from HTML5test.com showing information on the Wii U web browser and how it compares to its main rivals:

  • Wii U browser – 323 + 8
  • Internet Explorer 10 – 320 + 6
  • Chrome 22 – 434 + 13
  • Xbox 360 Internet Explorer 9 – 120 + 5
  • Nintendo 3DS NetFront – 109 + 0
  • iOS 6 Safari – 486 + 9

The first figure is the base test score, and the plus points are bonus marks based on how well each browser handles peripheral web elements like audio and video. The maximum score a browser can receive is 515.

Compared to its console rivals, the Wii U’s web browser is looking pretty decent but it’s early days yet and the figures for the Wii U are of course based on beta testing only.

What do you think? Will you be making good use of your GamePad?

[Sources: Nintendo; Nintendo Life; HTML5test.com; VG247]

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