Cardboard Wii U GamePad Anyone?

During the latest Iwata Asks, which was all about the designing of the Wii U and Miiverse in particular, the original designs for the GamePad were revealed. What was shown was a GamePad made by the internet company, Hatena, entirely out of cardboard! (laughs) To demonstrate what could be done with the touchscreen different pieces of paper were slotted into the screen.

Kazuyuki Motoyama, the designer of this cardboard wonder, said:

“We wouldn’t know how it felt unless we could actually hold it, but since we didn’t have one, the only thing to do was make one. In the middle of the night, I cut pieces of cardboard and glued them together.”

So here’s my plan: on the 18th, to cool off your envy for the gamers from the US who will be receiving their Wii U’s before us, simply copy Motoyama’s idea and make yourself your very own cardboard GamePad. Heck, why not go the whole hog and make other Nintendo consoles our of cardboard? For a bonus challenge, try making a 3DS. That clamshell dual screen design should prove mighty tricky to reproduce!

[Source: Official Nintendo Magazine]

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