Nintendo Download (Europe – 8th November): A Professional Pokédex That Doesn’t Come Cheap

It’s not the biggest haul of downloadable titles Nintendo has ever offered this week but there’s still some fun to be had, if you’ve got the money that is…

The biggest release this week is the 3DS Download Software Pokédex 3D Pro which is a hefty upgrade to the pre-installed Pokédex 3D. It comes with a hefty price tag as well though, a staggering £13.49 /€14.99 to be precise. So why on earth is it so expensive? Well all current Pokémon are available from the start meaning you won’t have to SpotPass your way to victory as you did with the previous version, and there’s a new augmented reality feature as well as a new challenge modes that sees you taking part in multiple choice quizzes to test your Pokéknowledge. As good as all that is, you’d have to be an exceptionally avid Pokémaniac to justify spending over a tenner on this!

Rising Board 3D is the alternative piece of 3DS Download Software this week and it’s a lot cheaper than t’other one. It’s another endless runner title that has you surfing from left to right collecting sun points and performing tricks. Seems to be a decent little game to keep you busy in short bursts; it’s £2.69 /€2.99 should you fancy picking up your board.

New Art Academy is getting a couple more lessons thrown onto the syllabus this week with Fur & Feathers and Paint like Monet. Each piece of DLC will cost £1.79 /€1.99 if you’re looking to enhance your artistic skills further.

There’s some new content over on DSiWare available this week with Cake Ninja 2, a game that plays more or less the same as the first one did with minor alterations here and there. Yes, it’s cashing in on the whole Fruit Ninja craze but if you fancy a slice of the action you can download it for 500 points (£4.50).

Neo Geo titles have been coming in thick and fast on the Wii Virtual Console recently and this week we’re getting another with Shock Troopers. This one isn’t a fighter however, instead it’s a solid run and gun title that’s been generally well received ever since its release way back in 1997. It’s the standard 900 points (£6.30) for this one if you want to start blasting some baddies!

Lastly this week we have another discounted bit of software. This time it’s Marvel Pinball 3D, a fun little superhero themed pinball sim that is actually quite good indeed. It’s £4.49 /€4.99 for one week only, reduced from £6.29 /€6.99. Check out why our Wes gave it 8/10 in his review if you need persuading!

So that’s your lot for this week, nothing too major but some decent looking titles nonetheless. All of the new games and add-ons will be available to download from Thursday 8th November. Will you be topping up your eShop account for Pokédex 3D Pro? We’d be very interested to know!

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