First Glimpse Of Wii U eShop Emerges

The Nintendo eShop looks set to be a big feature on the Wii U but as of yet we’ve yet to receive solid information on how it will work, what will be included and what it will look like.

Well thankfully new information has surfaced from the Japanese Nintendo website giving us a first look at the new interface as well as a few details on what will be on offer in Nintendo’s virtual store. The interface itself looks very reminiscent of the 3DS eShop which makes perfect sense seeing Nintendo will want to be as consistent across platforms as possible. Navigating the menus should be a doddle!

Also confirmed was the availability of playable demos through the store along with High Definition video content, which isn’t much of a surprise seeing as the 3DS eShop has been doing this sort of thing for a while now. The video content will be able to be viewed via the GamePad; it seems the interface will take full advantage of the two screens in the same way the 3DS does.

Something that is new however is the integration of the Miiverse with comments related to each game floating around, perhaps if a friend downloads a game that they didn’t like they could let you know. The five star rating system is still there but sometimes it’s best to hear a recommendation from someone you know.

Downloadable content will be available in the eShop and can be easily downloaded while software is running. Once you’re in a game, let’s say Black Ops 2, and you want to download a DLC pack, you can simply head to the eShop and start your download!

What do you think to the Wii U’s interface? Of course this is just the Japanese version, the North American and European ones could be different.

[Sources: Nintendo Japan; Nintendo World Report]

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