Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Sin and Punishment

When it comes to Nintendo franchises, Sin and Punishment is about as obscure as they go. The series has only ever had 2 games in its canon, and the first wasn’t released outside of Japan until it came to the Wii’s Virtual Console. Not many people out there know what the games are either, so why have a third instalment of the series in our line of games we’d like see?

Simple. Although the series isn’t as well-known as the portly plumber, or the space-pirate hunting Samus, the games are still stellar examples of gaming. The quality of these games alone is quite outstanding, but, as anyone who has played them will tell you, Sin and Punishment games are not for the faint of heart. These games are so tough that easy mode will have you dying on every stage. “Hardcore” is the word a lot of critics used to describe them, and if I didn’t abhor that label I would have to agree.

The first Sin and Punishment game I played was the sequel, Successor to the Skies, on the Wii and I fell in love with it straight away. The game had shot up into my top 10 Wii games by the end of the second level, and I became fiercely addicted to its gameplay and rock solid difficulty within the space of a few days.

If you haven’t played the Sin and Punishment games, they’re action based, on-the-rails shooters that integrate melee and firearm combat seamlessly into their gameplay.

What I mean by that is your character is equipped with both a melee weapon, i.e. a laser sword, and a rapid fire pistol. The melee weapon is effective against certain obstacles whilst the pistol is effective against others, so it’s up to you, the player, to use both to overcome the game’s challenges whilst simultaneously moving your character around the screen to dodge incoming fire.

Does that sound hectic? It is, but that’s the fun of the game. There really are no other games that offer such a refreshing take on gameplay and skill. With my love for the series then, how could I say no to a third if it made its way onto our Wii U’s?

The Sin and Punishment games have always had multiplayer, but I would take it one step further with this one. Because the Wii U GamePad can essentially be a second screen for the console, I would have it as just that. One player would play via the TV whilst the other would play via the GamePad. The two characters could move about the level on set courses in different directions and occasionally work together to get through the stage.

Think about it. Player one is fighting against an army when, what’s this, something is coming up from behind! He’s got his hands full, he can’t turn around and stop it, but wait, his partner sees his strain and backs him up. The game could offer plenty of situations like that and, seeing as how everything is on the rails, it could lead to some clever level design. What about having certain parts of the stage only accessible in multiplayer mode, or why not have multiple routes to take through a level and have the players choose individual routes.

Not only that but the GamePad could bring some competition into it. Sin and Punishment is great for the high scorer in all of us, so why not have the players play against each other along the same route with the same number of enemies and see who scores the most points. What’s more is that the GamePad could now allow the player to play as the bad guys. Introduce a new mode that pits one player against the other to see which one comes out on top. No need for split screen when you’ve got two screens.

Another feature that can be used to good effect is the Panoramic view feature within the Wii U. Level designers would be able to add so much to the stage if the player could look about them in every direction. A radar may be needed to let the player know where the shots were coming from but it would definitely make for some clever gaming if the player could stand in the middle of their living room and take down enemies from all sides. You don’t even have to have the panoramic view as a set feature, maybe have it as an optional play mode.

Even though the series is very arcade-like in its design, perhaps this can be the game that offers multiple endings and levels depending on which road the players take. It would add a great deal of depth and replayability to the game if the player had more than just 7 stages to play through. But why stop there? Why not have four selectable characters, each with their own story arc and special ending. In two player mode you could have the endings intertwine with each other. Sure, it sounds complex but maybe it’s about time the Sin and Punishment series took a step forward from its simplistic gameplay. Keep the straightforward nature of course, but add depth, that’s what makes a sequel great.

These points I’ve mentioned could just be the tip of the iceberg. With what the Wii U can do there’s also Online play and (perhaps free) DLC to consider. What about having a Sin and Punishment game on the 3DS and having the two link up? The list goes on and I wouldn’t put it past Treasure to bring us another brilliant game if they really got down to it. Please, Treasure, bring us Sin and Punishment 3. I’ll be your best friend.

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