Fallblox Comes Crashing Down Onto The eShop Next Week

Nintendo eShop title Pullblox has been a massive hit on the 3DS with an incredible amount of downloads and a host of award nominations to its name. It wasn’t much of a surprise then to hear that a sequel was in the works. That game is Fallblox and it’s due to land in the European eShop on the 15th November.

The game, known as Crashmo in North America, sees the return of Mallo as he pushes and pulls objects in an attempt to solve complex puzzles. However this time the game is affected by gravity, moving pieces away will mean the ones above may lose support and drop down. The whole puzzle can now be viewed from all sides and it looks like you might well need it considering the depth these gravity-based brainteasers have!

With 200 stages to push through and the ability to create your own puzzles for sharing online, Fallblox could well be one of the best eShop titles to date! Will you be downloading a copy next week?

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