NS Review – The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

A few years ago on an infamous indie website…

“So what else is new? Well the developers still seem content to settle on the usual sixteen old and sixteen new racetrack routine. I’m still waiting for ‘Mario Kart the Complete Package’ or you know… that never mentioned ‘Retro Track Pack DLC’? Pretty please Nintendo?” (Boots, 2011, Mario Kart 7 – Review: Lucky number seven?)

*Pours chilled milk over the above prose & commences to devour*, thank you, thank you Team MK.

For the Fans:
Thursday the 13th of November 2014 will be remembered by all Mario Kart advocates worldwide as the day we finally got a worthy extension for our chaotic guilty pleasure. You know who you are, and one things for sure you’re all better off being waist deep in the action rather than reading this NS Impression. So go forth and kart like it’s 2014!

For the Sceptics who’ve yet to DLC:
So you like Mario Kart right? Do yourself and me a favour by buying the DLC pack combo. You’re basically getting a third of what you originally paid for, and well, for much less. 40 tracks soon to be 48? It’s a given.

TLoZ x M8 Impress 01

For the MK8 uninitiated:
Amiibo support or not within this first packeted excursion the developers have been toying with the anti-gravity mechanic further in Dragon Driftway. Created more opportunity for racetrack crossover bottlenecks in Ice Ice Outpost. Dabbled in reskinning the franchise norm in Mute City and Hyrule Circuit. Plus having a pop at “never play the same twice” in Excitebike Arena. The days of an only Mushroom Kingdom cast are also numbered whilst dusted with a few extras. Basically they’ve tried something less N64 safe more so Double Dash!! unexpected here.

For the Triforce Tykes:
As per the DLC’s title you get yourself a portion of the Legend on wheels. Link’s a heavyweight (perhaps due to packin’ those iron boots of his!) and comes with a vehicle kit in the theme of his four legged companion. Not only that but the Triforce Cup’s finale is all things ode to Hyrule. In short you’ll be ‘lapping’ it up Rupees to boot.

For the Nostalgia Junkies:
Plenty of retro here in the form of a B-Dasher, 3x MK golden oldie tracks and a homage to the yesteryear. A tad bemused why Rainbow Road (SNES) has appeared for the fourth time, but even so glad to have another original outing. The chippy-blip fest of an Excitebike foray plays like a new and improved jump happy Baby Park (GCN), not bad, not bad at all.

& for those who still await F-Zero HD:
Racing in the Blue Falcon kart as your Captain Falcon amiibo’d Mii on Mute City is as close as you’re going to get, for now.

I’ve been karting since the SNES and there’s no such note on my roadmap to ever stop. Although we probably didn’t really need another clone for the plumber and princess (although both their horn sfxs are a noisy treat), everything else here is totally worth the emission giving even more power sliding legs to game which was already mini-boosting fine and dandy.

Here me now nemesis (ex-housemate). There’s a swisher looking Yoshi Circuit for me to beat you on yet again!

3 Responses to “NS Review – The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)”
  1. pogowolf says:

    Reblogged this on GamersVue.


  2. Jassen Payen says:

    The DLC content is a welcome addition, however what I’d really like to see Nintendo do is fix the old Battle Mode, and introduce arena’s like there were in the original SNES and N64 games…I used to have endless amounts of fun with my mates on Block Fort over and over again, but unfortunately the newer games lose this. Hope Big N reconsiders bringing this back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Boots says:

      Agreed. There are two things holding this entry back from completely topping the series for me personally Jassen. The nerfed Battle mode for one will never reach the head to head excitement from my SNES days, the amount of enjoyment we got out of faffin’ about with the surprisingly evasive Feather item was bizarrely addictive!


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