Tales from Kickstarter – Sneaky Ninja (Wii U)

Once upon a time on a crowd funding platform far away…

There was an official Nintendo Wii U independent developer called Starfall Studios who were seeking support for a game they named Sneaky Ninja. It was their answer to Mark of the Ninja if it had been raised by a Super Mario of a stepfather.



As elusive as ninjas are, eventually they will make themselves known whether you were expecting it or not. In Sneaky Ninja’s case it’s probably for the best that us folk stay alert before it can sneak its way past masked within the shadows.

As of this exact moment in writing Sneaky Ninja’s Kickstarter status clocks it at just over 20% funded with 24 days left in counting. What helps to make this a favourable project for us Nintendo tykes to back is the fact that this game has set the Wii U as a base goal rather than leaving it to a stretch. If the Starfall Studios team reach their 10k target it’s a humble guarantee this title will get its set of Nintendo home console branded shurikens. So make sure to help spread the wealth stealth!


Sneaky Ninja 01

Full moon at night, sneaky ninja’s delight!

I’ve always loved myself a touch of in-game stealthiness even when there’s no more schtick to offer. On that note I’m understandably optimistic about this young grasshopper, but more importantly are any of you lot thinking of backing this potential eShop gem? Let us know in the comments as I’m no mind reader.

Would you like to know more? Please give Sneaky Ninja a visit on Kickstarter!

2 Responses to “Tales from Kickstarter – Sneaky Ninja (Wii U)”
  1. msully22 says:

    This is head developer Michael Sullivan, thanks for the article NintendoScene! 🙂 If anyone has any comments, question, concerns, or insults, feel free to let me have ’em right here!

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  2. Josh Luther says:

    I tested the game today at Minefaire at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. It is fantastic! I had a lot of fun playing, and I got to spend time talking to who I believe was a developer of the game. I beat the blizzard level on Grandmaster mode, which was fun and challenging. Thanks for the experience! I look forward to beta testing the game and playing the full version when it is released. Happy gaming!


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