Indie-ana Wii U & the Raiders of the Lost Art

Hello there, the name’s Boots *stands up* and I like Indie games *sits down and awaits slow clap*.

One thing is clear since the rise of the eShop and the ever increasing ease to develop and self-publish Unity or HTML5 based games on the Wii U, the Indie scene has gained a new lease of life as far as Nintendo platforms are concerned. In combination with crowd funding opportunities a la Kickstarter the possibilities can be desirably elastic. Take Starfall Studios’ Sneaky Ninja for instance, a game which very much hangs in the balance of recruiting a fan-base prior to release rather than having to walk the publisher plank initially.

I’ve decided to start Indie-ana Wii U as an avenue to share with you lovely lot out there the appetising plunder from the indie scene old and new. Think of it as a welcoming pat on the back from an innocent stranger as you gawp at the latest exhibit within your local zoo. Okay yes it’s old news, but sometimes all it takes is a gentle nag to reignite forgotten hype.


So for this episode’s first treasure we have…


A claymation point-and-click adventure crafted by the team behind Earthworm Jim en route to the Wii U this year.



Armikrog. GamePad Concept 03

Claymation has always been right up my street since I was first exposed to Aardman (that’s Creature Comforts by the way), and so have in fact point-and-clicks. The Wii U’s GamePad to me has always bellowed “point-and-click-to-the-max”, okay so we have had the likes of Tengami and such, but there’s a drought for a genre here which other home consoles won’t be able to execute with the same mouse substitute ease.

Armikrog. not only reached its funding goal back in 2013 but also obtained its Wii U stretch. Ladies and gentlemen our telly 3DS will be getting in on the action. A quick butchers at the game’s Kickstarter page shows off some early concepts of what they have planned for the GamePad’s in-game use (like the picture thattaway <-).

I’m stoked for this title and I really hope the majority of Wii U owners are too, or else… erm. THERE’LL BE TROUBLE YA HEAR!


Keeping in check with the quirk next we have…

The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup

A brand spankingly new Wii U (and 3DS) title from ex-Rareware chaps Chris Seavor and Shawn Pile aka Gory Detail.



Like Armikrog. and the next title I will mention this game is also still in development. I don’t know about you lot but I adored Rareware’s Nintendo innings, frankly I believe they made absolutely crackin’ software for the triple pronged controller. I could begin a list but it’s probably best I save that for another article. If the above poster intrigues you I’d whole heartily advise keeping up-to-date with this game’s development.

As studios come and go I think we’re still pleasantly gifted with the hope that we will still see old colleagues reuniting to yet again craft like they used to with the added bonus of matured skillsets. The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup will be a product of this notion. Mobile/tablet market has carved its way into the future of game development and in this instance it has allowed for a golden oldie pair to introduce us to a dual screen bound robotic unicycle pup, not a bad feat at all!

I sense this will be a slow burner totally worth the queue.


Talking of Rareware finally this week we have…

The Legend of Lobodestroyo vs. La Liga de los Villands

A Kickstarter’d collect-a-thon which may as well be shipped as a Nintendo 64 cartridge.


Lobodestroyo Nintendo 64


The makers are self confessed obsessives for the Banjo-Kazooie franchise. I’m also prone to the odd “guh-huh” and a lemme-sing-the-entirety-of-Banjo-Kazooie’s-opening-to-your-dismissive-lug-holes too, so any game being made in the same vain is something I will plug-in regardless of the consequences.

Successfully funded back in 2013 this game’s greenlight still shines even if it’s somewhat dulled by the wait. I forever pine for the shiny trinket hoarding overworld based 3D adventures of yesteryear partly due to the lack of proper closure to my cravings. Could this turn out to be a possible reprieve from relying on revisits? A totally new IP with its own cartoon cast.

Please just witness the promise…



Do you think Armikrog. will scratch that point ‘n’ click GamePad functionality itch? Perhaps you’re glad to see two Rareware vets back in the developing-for-a-Nintendo-console-saddle? Or maybe, just maybe, Lobodestroyo is the collect-a-thon the twenty-tens needs. Let me know in the comments because I ain’t no mind-reader yo!


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