Tales from Kickstarter – Super Cucumber & Down the Drain (Wii U)

Once upon a time on a crowd funding platform far away…

There was an engaged couple of Computer Science graduates from Detroit, Michigan (US) who united together to form an independent studio by the name of Cubicorn Games. ‘Two heads are better than one’ and ‘it takes two to tango’ sayings aside they’re in need of quite a few more supporting heads and tango partners to get their double whammy of design the Wii U home it deserves.

Dustin Morabito and Lorraine Ferraiuolo’s Gaming Double Feature Kickstarter currently sets them $2,762 away from their $10k goal with just a measly 3 days to go. But what are they making exactly?


Cucumber the Super AardvarkDustin leads Super Cucumber which is the next evolutionary stage of a 2D platformer nurtured from the duo’s student days.

“Super Cucumber is a mobility focused 2D platformer spawned from our love of classic 16-bit era games. It has some more modern mechanics like checkpoints and quick re-spawns on death, and eschews old genre conventions like lives and meaningless collectibles. We hope to provide players with an experience that feels instantly familiar, and fresh and new as well.”

So I believe cucumbers are made up of 96% water right? Well I think Cubicorn Games bypassed the H2O norm in place of 96% fireball riding African ant bear charm instead.


Marta the pipe dwelling heroWhereas Lorraine heads up Down the Drain a shoot ’em up concept resulting from a simple remark she made about a household chore.

“Down the Drain is a pseudo-randomly generated, exploration-based, 2D shooter. It follows the wonderful snake plumber Marta as she uses her masterful abilities to navigate and clear mazes of blocked pipes.”

A hero from the plumbing trade you say? There’s surely some tagline potential here, so meet Marta the denim wearing micro snake who will actually sort your drain a certain Mushroom Kingdom procrastinator decided to neglect.

The above go a little something like this in practise…




What Cubicorn Games have achieved thus far is some rather commendable stuff indeed. Let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of this tealy blue cape wearing aardvark and limbless plumber!

Would you like to know more? Please give Cubicorn Games’ online dwellings a visit!


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