A Challenger Approaches! – Our Thoughts on the Smash Ballot

Wednesday evening brought us another Nintendo Direct, this time concentrating mostly on games and events that are due around the time of E3, and it came with one hell of a Smash Bros. update. Not only is Mewtwo coming relatively soon, but also Lucas will be rejoining the Smash roster as DLC. However, that wasn’t the most exciting news about Smash. Nintendo have announced a Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot for the fans to vote for who they would like to see enter the battle, which you can find here. So, I got together the other chaps from Nintendo Scene and asked who they would be voting for.


My thoughts:

“This is a very hard decision for me. There is such an immense wealth of characters from Nintendo’s past that could be potentially good fighters; I had no idea how Sakurai would make Duck Hunt Duo work, but now he’s my main in Smash 4, so pretty much anyone is a possibility. It could be almost as ridiculous as anyone could think of. So, the suggestion could even be as ridiculous as, say, Travis Touchdown. His games originated on Nintendo platforms, he would make for an interesting play-style, and SUDA51 has even stated at one point that he would like him to appear in the franchise.

However, I want to forgo the classical era, or the ridiculous, and suggest someone entirely up-to-date and entirely sensible, so my main pick would be an Inkling from Splatoon. It makes almost perfect commercial sense to promote Nintendo’s next IP (which would likely be their newest IP by the time the character was made), also the play-style of the sharpshooter has only been played with in the past games.

As other thoughts (whilst still being realistic), I wouldn’t mind Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101, King K. Rool, Bayonetta (slightly less likely) or Nephenee from Fire Emblem (Radiant series). Regardless, as long as the pick isn’t Goku (I’m looking at you, internet), Ridley, or anything stupid, I’ll be happy.”


Wes had this to say:

“It’s a difficult choice to make – the possibilities are endless! I wonder how long they are going to keep this voting open for? And potentially how many different requests they will get? There’s a plethora of DK characters I’d like to see – Cranky, Dixie, Lanky and even Funky Kong (sorry) would make great fighters, King K Rool, maybe even the Inklings from Splatoon, or Waluigi, or King Boo, or Birdo…

But I’ll try and keep this simple – which long standing iconic Nintendo character have we yet to see as a fighter in Smash Bros… Which long standing part of Mario’s team has not yet had a chance to take on this amazing selection of fighters? Currently relegated to a simple counter move, only whipped out of Peach’s dress at opportune moments – it has to be Toad.

But Toad in what form? Captain Toad gets my vote. The Treasure Tracker himself is ripe for battle – pick axe in hand, an unlimited or regenerating supply of turnips and that blinding flash light – the little guy, with the Toadette variation of course, would be an ideal part of the Smash line up. A ready made fan favourite.”


Boots dropped his thoughts too:

“I spy with my little eye something beginning with… Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Oh do my fists clench for the possibilities. So we’ve got Mr. Game & Watch right? What about a brawler constructed purely of Tetrominos? A cube for a head, a line for the body, ‘Z’ shapes for arms, those ‘L’ shapes for legs and a ‘T’ for you know, a pointy hat… okay so I’m probably clutching at pixelated straws here, but just think of that blissful line clearing SFX shudder every time you land a well executed smash attack! I know am *gurgles*.

Talking of wedding audio with axe kicks and hammer punches perhaps we could even go rhythmic, Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan rhythmic. A fighting trio a la Pokémon Trainer with dance moves twisted into bruising thwacks ‘n’ thumps. Plus their final smash could mirror Konkey Dong’s bongo bashing complete with humorous story telling the games are known for.

Then there’s recent addition Captain Toad with his backpack full of tricks and inability to jump. Or Chibi-Robo with his cleaning apparatus and battery charging requirement. Or, or, or Crash Bandicoot… no wait, that will never happen. As you can see I’m still flailing in a ball-pit’s worth of unlikely ideas which I’m very much enjoying. WHOOPEE!!! *leaps back in*”


Finally, Conor said:

“This is a very nice offer from Nintendo and I’m sure the requests are flooding in. I would assume that requested characters still need to be from Nintendo-owned franchises, but only time will tell. Two of my most wanted characters are from third-party publishers that are featured in Smash Bros 4. Ubisoft’s Rayman would be a fine addition, and considering he’s already a trophy I don’t think it’s an unlikely hope. A Final Smash similar to his rapid-fire fist technique would be lovely. From Capcom, Amaterasu has been a dream fighter ever since I played Ōkami. A Final Smash using the powers of her Celestial Brush would not only deal massive damage, but look beautiful too!

Back on home turf, the popular release of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Wii U tells me that the titular character should be given a chance. She would certainly be a unique fighter, and Sakurai would have plenty of moves to work with when designing her moveset. It goes without saying that her Final Smash would incorporate her Umbran Climax. A return of the Ice Climbers would be pleasant, but we already know that technical issues with the 3DS version kept them out of the game and will probably continue to do so.

Other characters that are certainly never going to happen but would be a dream come true include Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Quilava from Pokémon, Abe from Oddworld, Sly Cooper, and the list goes on for a while. “

Bayonetta 2

So, that’s our thoughts on it, what about yours? Feel free to post in the comments, tweet your thoughts to me (@reuthegamer) and don’t forget to put a vote in for your pick on the Smash website.

2 Responses to “A Challenger Approaches! – Our Thoughts on the Smash Ballot”
  1. Hello fellow Donkey Kong enthusiasts!!! NOW is the time! NOW is our chance! Now we can get another character into the BRAND NEW Smash Bros game!!! And who would we like as DLC? A brand NEW DK character of course. No other franchise deserves it like DK. VOTE KING K. ROOL and/or Dixie Kong Here NOW>>> https://cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/ and happy SMASHing!!! Glory to the King 🙂


  2. bassey13455 says:

    With the rumours that the character ballot may be restricted to first party Nintendo characters only it’d be great to see Captain Toad or an Inkling on the roster.


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