The Nintendo NX Wishlist

The dust has now settled on the whirlwind response to Nintendo’s sudden announcement of not only their partnership with DeNA and their proper entrance into the smartphone game market, but a new dedicated gaming platform, and what a response it was. There was everything from the sensible, restrained responses of various games writers on Twitter to the reactionary and baseless “The Wii U is Dead!” articles that even some reputable websites sullied themselves by posting. You could ask why I am talking about it now. Well, I had thoughts on it but I also wanted to know what others wanted from Nintendo’s next offering. So I have put out a little net and collated what you, the readers, want from it, along with some other industry types.

“NX should have the best launch line-up Nintendo can muster.”

  • Tom, StreetPass Brighton Facebook page.

This was a common request of the NX from the net I cast out, with several people highlighting it. Nathan on the StreetPass Brighton page explained further, highlighting that Wii U just hasn’t recovered from its lacklustre launch and mentioned the 3DS in with it, which also suffered the same issues. It is most definitely a necessary factor that needs to be considered with the new platform.

“Downloadable games are now commonplace and the console should accommodate for this.”

  • Conor, writer for Nintendo Scene.

It wasn’t just this either, there’s a lot of focus on downloadable titles with NX. This immensely justifiable wish for bigger SD cards/storage in future (I know that I personally couldn’t fit even a third of my data onto the microSD I got with the N3DS) is something that Nintendo would probably put down to keeping costs down for the consumer, but it doesn’t really keep down costs if the consumer needs to buy another, bigger SD card.

As well as this there are calls for a greater library of titles on the download services, which given Nintendo’s huge and rich history, it is surprising that this hasn’t happened yet. Also, as pointed out by Eliph and Becky on the StreetPass Brighton page, there needs to be more of a reason to download instead of purchase packaged games. One way to achieve this would be with a better price point for downloading, especially as the big titles are often the same price (or more) to download. Also, as Club Nintendo is ending too, the bonus of getting additional stars is now no longer so there are very few benefits left.

“Bring back third-party developers.”

  • Daniel, StreetPass Brighton Facebook page.

A massive issue that many fans of Nintendo have is with this particular factor. It’s undeniable that a lot of the third-party companies have forsaken the Wii U and Nintendo in general with big-hitters like Ubisoft and EA rescinding their support. Nintendo will need to work hard with DeNA on NX to get back these elusive guys because, as great as Nintendo’s output is, there is little reason at present to own JUST a Nintendo platform.

“Integrated home and portable single device – take out, then plug back in at home to the TV.”

  • Jonathan, writer for Nintendo Life.

This circulated as a rumour around the middle of last year for Nintendo’s next endeavour, and I must agree with Towny on this being my personal pick for NX. The technology for high definition portable gaming already exists with the PSVita and, by the time NX is released the components to create it will be cheaper to buy and sell, fitting in with Nintendo’s standard business model.

I also asked everyone for a wilder request too and almost everyone replied. For this, I got everything from the actually quite sensible “bring back the third parties” (which, you might notice, I added to the sensible choices … because it is), to “utilise the GamePad better, or remove it” (actually still quite sensible), to the ludicrous idea of having “a mobile Outrun cabinet peripheral attachment”.

Regardless, whatever happens, Nintendo will likely surprise us with something incredible. The only thing left is to wait and see what happens. If you have any other thoughts though, drop a comment on this, or tweet me @reuthegamer.

I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback and thoughts on Nintendo NX; so please don’t forget to visit Nintendo Life, the StreetPass Brighton Facebook or check out @moomootown on Twitter.

3 Responses to “The Nintendo NX Wishlist”
  1. bassey13455 says:

    I feel the same way about downloadable games and pricing, but I heard somewhere that the reason why downloadable titles are priced this way is because the risk is if they low ball the shops in pricing then shops may rescind their support of the companies games. (Like how cinemas of the world were threatening to not show the Alice in Wonderland film in cinemas years ago because Disney wanted to bring forward DVD sales.)


  2. bassey13455 says:

    And I definitely agree about the launch line up. I don’t know why but console manufacturers seem to have a “If you build it they will come” attitude towards these things… though with Microsoft and Sony that definitely seems to be the case… I just think Nintendo should maybe get out of that mentality with 3DS and Wii U both having weak launch line ups and that reflecting in poor initial sales.


    • Reuben says:

      I agree entirely Bassey. The problem with Nintendo seems to be that, because of their continued reliance on gimmicks of some sort in recent years, it might just be too difficult (read: “costly”) for the developers to make a new version of their games just for the Nintendo format.


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