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The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 was a wondrous moment for the Mario Kart series. Personally I was already sold by the mere fact eight new tracks were being introduced to the starting grid let alone the character and vehicle fluff. The months have clocked on by and I now have a mighty (fire-hop-less) Yoshi Circuit time trial banked, always whooped with m’lady when Excitebike Arena is selected and of course have all of Hyrule Circuit’s twist ‘n’ turns down to a tee.

So the 23rd of April looms ever close and with it there will be a chance to create a fresh set of MK memoirs Animal Crossing × style. Us here at Nintendo Scene can unanimously agree that we’re all rather antsy about it indeed. In anticipation we’ve decided to club together to conjure up what we would like to see fill in the blanks (from what has already been confirmed) for Mario Kart 8 DLC pack 2…


Crossing Cup


Animal Crossing

Confirmed and seasonal!


Wario Colosseum (GCN)

Wario ColosseumConor says:

“I’m not sure if another ‘Wario’ course would be on the cards after the appearance of Wario’s Goldmine in the first DLC pack, but I believe a lot of potential lies within Wario Colosseum from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! It’s an epic course with plenty of twists, turns and jumps that could be greatly improved with anti-gravity features.”


Choco Mountain (N64)

Choco Mountain

I say:

A Mario Kart staple for the era of four player wire twister. The jaunty tune, the tunnel, the humps, the ravine, that bend where you can accidentally backtrack by falling off, this track was grand. I know it has already had a retro revisit in the DS’ Leaf Cup, but it hasn’t had one revamped with anti-gravity grills. There’s so much scope here for sidewards travel which could make those cascading boulders of confectionery even more sweat inducing!


Gangplank Galleon

Gangplank GalleonConor added:

“It’s tough to think of a setting for a brand new course. A personal wish would be for a course designed around Gangplank Galleon from Donkey Kong Country. While it is from another franchise, the crossover additions in the DLC packs make it a reasonable choice. Other than that, a course based around Rosalina’s Observatory, or Bowser’s amusement park world from Mario 3D World would be extremely welcome!”


Bell Cup


Toad’s Factory (Wii)

Toads FactoryReuben mentions:

“Probably the last remaining good track from the Wii iteration, and a pretty good track besides. It could very easily take advantage of the anti-grab segments, and could have an optional (but hard to take) shortcut to glide over the mud on the last straight.”


Cheese Land (GBA)

Cheese Land

Again I say:

It’s no surprise that I adore my Super Mario Kart classics, and as much as I would really love for another SNES track to make the cut I think I best be realistic here. One of my all time favorites has to be Mario Circuit 2 (retro’d in Super Circuit and 7) due to a particular jump I would always leave a banana peel on. So in a cheeky roundabout way I can have my cake cheese and eat it with Super Circuit’s quirky dark horse Cheese Land. It has that jump and then some, not forgetting that its chipper soundtrack would get a jazzed up makeover via MK8’s in-house band. Oh and it works with Wes’ planetary pick below!



PNF-404Wes explains:

“I’d go for another of Nintendo’s IP’s that is yet to feature in a MK title. The lush landscapes of Pikmin would be an excellent setting for a rip roaring race through water, over partially built bridges, taking care to avoid squishing the little guys as they continue their work, and past Bulborbs, Beetles and Blowhogs just waiting to blast racers off course. Some anti-grav racing through darkened caves, lit only by the glow of a small ring of yellow Pikmin powered Christmas lights, would be the highlight of what could be one of MK8’s most beautiful looking tracks.”


Bell Hill

Bell HillReuben finishes with:

“What better support for the Cat Mario and Cat Peach racers than a gentle track around the first locale from 3D World, taking in the lush green grass and the funky jazz-inspired music?”



So we know we’re getting the Streetle and the City Tripper but for the other two slots what about the…


Crazy Cadillac

Crazy Cadillac
 “Bowser’s garish, but practical purple sports car from 3D World. Would be a heavy choice, but could hold its own in a pinch.” So says Reuben.


Barrel Train

Barrel TrainKeeping it blunt and biased: this was my go-to in Double Dash!! every single time! So says I.



So ladies and gentlemen, are you revved up to the eyelids with 200cc hype for the next Mario Kart 8 content injection? Let us know if you agree or disagree with our picks and feel free to share your own too!


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