Smash Bros Mewtwo Update – Outfits, Hats, and Psychic Cats

It has been a long, agonising wait, but Mewtwo has finally arrived on Super Smash Bros. 4 for those who registered both copies of the game on Club Nintendo. For everyone else, Mewtwo will release on 28th April and can be bought for £3.59. Mewtwo isn’t the only new feature in this update; joining him are a bundle of Mii outfits and hats, more trophies, new 8-player stages, Share Mode, and slight tweaks to some of the fighters for balancing purposes. This article will discuss the additions in the update, primarily the returning Pokémon veteran.

Let’s start with the minor stuff: six more stages are now available for 8-player smashes! You won’t find much variety in the stage design though, as all 6 are the Omega forms of their more elaborate counterparts. Nevertheless it means a wider range of choice for stage environments. The added stages are the Omega forms of the following:

  • Delfino Plaza
  • Wii Fit Studio
  • Port Town Aero Drive
  • Woolly World
  • Orbital Gate Assault
  • Pilotwings

Another small addition – but an extremely welcome one – is that the game now keeps the player’s name tag between modes. Anybody who has put lots of time into the Wii U version would probably have, at times, felt frustrated that they had to re-enter their name tag every time they went to a different mode. Thankfully this inconvenience no longer occurs, meaning it’ll be quicker to set up and start your game! Furthermore, Share Mode has been added. Players can now send photos, replays, Mii Fighters, and custom stages to Miiverse or their friends.

New Smash Outfits

The new Mii outfits and hats are pleasant enough, featuring outfits resembling Link, Mega Man, Proto Man, Xenoblade’s Dunban, and Majora’s Mask. However, players will have to fork out some more cash to get them. Individual outfits can be bought for anything between £0.69 and £1.09, while the whole set can be purchased at £5.52 on either version. Anyone wanting all of the new cosmetics across both the 3DS and Wii U versions will have to pay £8.72. It’s a shame that a single purchase can’t be used across both versions like Mewtwo, and it would have been a welcome gesture if the Link and Mega Man Amiibos could unlock their respective costumes in a similar fashion to Mario Kart 8.

Now let’s move on to the most exciting addition to the update: Mewtwo. Returning from Melee after being omitted from Brawl, Mewtwo is the sixth fighter from the Pokémon universe to be included in Smash Bros 4. Mewtwo is fully functional across all of the game’s modes, so players will encounter him in Classic Mode and All-Star Mode. (This makes Stage 3 of the latter even tougher than it already is too!) Three new trophies have been added as well. The trophy of Mewtwo’s alternative costume is immediately unlocked, while the other two are unlocked in the same way as every other fighter. Completing All-Star Mode will unlock Mewtwo’s Final Smash trophy, while beating Classic Mode will unlock a standard fighter trophy. There was already a trophy for Mewtwo before his inclusion, which means that he is the only fighter to have two trophies with his name. The new fighter also gets his own end-credits pictures like every other character, and they can be seen after beating Classic and All Star Mode.

Mewtwo 1

With that out of the way, it’s time to discuss Mewtwo’s abilities and attributes. This won’t be an extremely in-depth analysis of Mewtwo’s stats, and it’s also coming from someone who didn’t play Melee so there will be no comparison, but it will hopefully give a good summary of the new fighter.

Mewtwo is a lightweight fighter, being relatively slow-moving and floaty, but he can hit hard. An off-guard opponent can potentially be KO’d at around 60% if Mewtwo capitalises properly on mistakes, but it is unlikely. Being the floaty fighter he is, he has a very low falling speed and his double jump is almost identical to Ness’. Unlike Ness however, Mewtwo has a much better recovery move with Teleport – his Up Special. This move works a lot like Palutena’s Up Special, and Mewtwo will teleport in the direction of the player’s choosing.

Mewtwo Shadow Ball

Shadow Ball is Mewtwo’s Neutral Special. A fully-charged Shadow Ball will hit for around 25% damage and can quickly turn into KO potential once the opponent reaches the 100% mark. Mewtwo will experience some recoil with a fully-charged attack, which makes this move very similar to the Charge Beam of Samus. Confusion, his Side Special, reflects projectiles and also does damage to anyone close enough. It also gives Mewtwo some loft if used in the air, meaning it can be used in important recovery situations. His Down Special is a unique one – Disable will stun anyone who makes eye contact with him, meaning that opponents need to be facing Mewtwo and within arm’s reach of him for it to work. The higher the opponent’s hit percentage, the longer they will be stunned for. This makes Disable a highly rewarding but risky move to attempt when the opponent is ready to be launched.

All of Mewtwo’s Smash attacks are powerful, and his Side Smash is one of his best moves for launching opponents. One flaw in Mewtwo’s moveset is his lack of moves that hit behind him. Many fighters have smash attacks that can behind them but Mewtwo only has a slight one in his Up Smash, and even then opponents need to be in very close proximity. Of course, his Neutral and Back Aerial moves can hit in this area. His tilt moves will also only hit in the direction he is facing, although they all have a big range thanks to some great use of Mewtwo’s long tail.

Mewtwo’s Final Smash is a beautiful sight. Transforming into Mega Mewtwo Y, he fires his signature move across the stage: Psystrike.

Mewtwo Final Smash

This huge ball of energy moves horizontally across the stage, subjecting anyone it hits to a powerful psychic attack to the head. It doesn’t stop for anyone, meaning that multiple opponents can be hit in one attack. Once the intense light show is over, the targets will be launched in a dramatic, slow-motion explosion.

Despite Mewtwo’s re-appearance in Super Smash Bros, there is one feature missing that every other fighter has. Disappointingly, Mewtwo has no custom moves, which is quite surprising given the amount of detail and content that Sakurai’s team has worked for. Hopefully these will be implemented in a future update, as it feels unfair (and incomplete) for a fighter to lack custom moves. Palutena’s Guidance on Mewtwo doesn’t refer directly to the Pokémon either, which makes it very possible that this exact clip will be used for any future DLC fighter.

Despite the lack of custom moves, Mewtwo is a wonderful addition to the roster that already boasts many of Nintendo’s finest. This is the biggest update the Wii U version has received since it’s release, and the content is sure to please most of its players. Anyone who wishes to see specific character alterations can check out this Reddit thread in the Smash Bros. community. There’s still no sign of the Miiverse Stage that we were promised before the Wii U version’s release, or the tournament mode. Hopefully they will be with us before the arrival of Lucas, but for now let’s appreciate the first downloadable fighter to come to Smash Bros. 4. Welcome back, Mewtwo!

Mewtwo trophies

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