E3 Week – Our Expectations and Wishes: Part Three

It has probably escaped no one’s notice but E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is coming and we already know what Nintendo’s plans are; they are, in fact, replicating the incredible set-up they had last year with the Digital Presentation and Treehouse Live from E3. So if this is anything like last year, we are really in for a treat again in 2015.


For the final main article of this year’s first E3 Week here on Nintendo Scene, we intended to get the Expectations and Wishes from you, the readers and Nintendo community. So, last Friday, we made a call for more expectations from the wider community for Nintendo’s imminent Digital Presentation. We didn’t get a great amount of responses (sadly); but in that small amount of replies, we received both some interesting and passionate ideas and desires. Firstly, how about a little pie chart to sum up the primary findings of this request?

As you can clearly see below; Zelda Wii U information is the most important thing that people want, although it isn’t a great deal ahead of StarFox or a NEW Metroid (one of my personal wishes too). Also, I couldn’t help but enjoy the continued love for Splatoon and Mario Kart with a couple of requests for even more downloadable content for each game.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 20.59.14

Some other interesting comments were made on the StreetPass Brighton Facebook page, or to me personally:

“Pokemon for Wii U or 3DS” – Matthew Burnett.

This one sticks with me simply because it is so unlikely, yet also massively possible. I know that GameFreak have been incredibly adverse to the idea of making a main ‘Mon game that wasn’t handheld, but this very well could be the year and I’m pretty sure that Pokemon fans everywhere would be clamouring to get it.

“Link looked decidedly effeminate in the last trailer we saw, it would really interest me if we had a female incarnation of the hero.” – Harvey Gardner.

It didn’t end up being one of his votes, but this snippet of conversation was very interesting. I think I have to agree that Link being female in the new Zelda would be an incredible and progressive idea. It would anger a lot of the purists, but personally I feel that if you aren’t moving forwards, you aren’t succeeding. Also, I trust Nintendo to do justice to such a change.

Needless to say, a lot more people than those featured are excited for the Digital Presentation, so will you be watching and what do you want to see? We’ll be LiveTweeting the whole thing from @NintendoScene; so, as per usual, if you have anything you want to say, drop a comment or Tweet me @reuthegamer.

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