NS Discussion: Nintendo Digital Event E3 2015

Well, I think all of you probably know where this will probably go; but, I’m pretty sure that many expected a rant to quickly follow the Digital Event. However, I wanted to allow the dust to settle on the Event so I could approach it from a non-reactionary, clear perspective instead of the venomous rant that would have resulted from Tuesday evening. Furthermore, I am not the only one who wanted to discuss this issue, so welcome to the first NS Discussion, this time with our noble Nintendo faithful, Wes. From here, I will be in “bold” and Wes will be “italics”.


Now, I went into Nintendo’s Digital Event with high hopes, especially as the World Championships genuinely surprised me. The confidence of Nintendo during that event, almost flippantly announcing two games (Earthbound Beginnings and Blastball) as if it were nothing, was greatly disarming and led to thoughts that the Big N was onto another winner this year. But, my only real, lasting impression of the Event was that of disappointment.

I too was very excited for this year’s E3 – this surely was the year we were going to see Nintendo’s big hitters – a new 3D star collecting Mario game for Wii U, a new Metroid title, hey, maybe even something else, featuring Diddy Kong in a cart, or F-Zero, or Kid Icarus… And with the recent mini Nintendo Directs seemingly getting Smash announcements out of the way, surely they were leaving plenty of time for some big new titles…? But oh, it seems my hopes were set too high…


That’s a point, and one I think that you have made before in conversation, why did Nintendo (with a showing like they actually had at the Event) not hold back some of the plethora of announcements they made before E3 until then? Seeing as last year was concentrating on the new (Splatoon, Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X, to name a few), why not use this year to go back to basics on the franchises and bring out some big hitters? I mean, we finally saw StarFox – and it looks incredible – but one game does not a great E3 make.

Star Fox does look great – exactly what I was hoping for – more of the flying, shooting, spacey arcade action I really enjoy, with some new elements added into the mix. I’m so glad it wasn’t another Adventures game… But, for me, we needed something else to look forward to for Wii U and, alas, I left the show quite disappointed. We weren’t even treated to some new gameplay footage of Zelda for Wii U – instead I hear some ‘amazing’ footage was saved for a later date. That could have been the event highlight! Instead we were shown extended footage of games announced 1 or 2 years ago and a bunch of spin-off games that I know I certainly don’t want… 


I know for a fact that you aren’t alone in that, the backlash from this E3 has been astounding. I mean, I know that E3 is primarily American, but what would have been the harm in having a segment just for Europe rather than showing us more of Yoshi’s Woolly World (a game that we are getting this month anyway). Luckily, I came away from the Event with Xenoblade X and Triforce Heroes to look forward to; but the majority would have seen the Event as an insultespecially Metroid Prime: Federation Force (the obvious elephant in the room here).

Yes, I don’t like the look of Mario Tennis, I’m not fussed by the amiibo selling Animal Crossing Mario Party clone, and nor do I want to play Skylanders, even with Bowser and Donky Kong figures. I don’t want to Just Dance, design a Happy Home or even build my own Mario courses (sorry!); but, this being said, I’m no worse off than I was before the event – be positive Nintendo fans! We can continue to enjoy Mario Kart DLC, new Smash Bros characters, new Splatoon weapons and PLEASE can we all reserve judgment on Federation Force? It should be great multi-player fun for StreetPass events right…?

So yes, as I said, let’s try to be positive here – all well as the current Nintendo array, nothing’s been cancelled; Zelda is still coming, Xenoblade is coming this year, so is Star Fox. Yoshi’s Woolly World looks (and plays) wonderful (we know this!), and it’s out next week – and now we have the great looking Triforce Heroes, Paper Jam Bros. and Hyrule Warriors: Legends on the horizon. Plus a plethora of Nindie titles too of course.


I agree once again with your first points, their attempts at new experiences did fall wide of the mark for the average Nintendo fan, and it has no doubt caused an irreversible view on Nintendo. There is little excuse for attempting to parade a 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors as a new title, for instance. Your later points are right too though; there actually is a lot to take away from the broadcast and a lot of good in Nintendo’s current game list (like Splatoon, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8). Also, I am completely with you that Federation Force should be given a chance, and I look forward to giving it that chance too, despite my initial anger at the announcement. Where next for Nintendo though?

You know what? I’m a massive Nintendo fan. I’ve been playing their games for over 25 years and I will continue to play them. So long as they keep releasing the new games though… The Wii U has some of the best games they have ever produced and they will announce the NX next year, and with talk of a hybrid home console / handheld then it could be a really interesting concept. I’ve no doubt I’ll be there on day one when it’s released.

And they will release Zelda Wii U next year, and they will probably release some more awesome games for the Wii U next year too. I’m happy with new Mario Kart, Smash, Zelda and Mario 3D games; those are what I enjoy the most. I do want to see proper Metroid, more Kid Icarus, new IP’s and a focus on local and online multi-player too, all on this generation and the next. But if and how they continue to achieve this, I just don’t know… I just hope they remember what their fans want along the way.


That’s an interesting point at the end there though; do we as fans (a combined unit) honestly know what we want? I mean, look at the backlash to Windwaker (which has become a beloved entry in the franchise since its release) or at how many wanted another 2D Metroid but got the incredible Metroid Prime. We fans want more of the same, but also something fresh, I can kind of understand Nintendo’s constant tripping over themselves to an extent. I’m with you though: I am Nintendo to my very core, and have a tremendous (although not blind – slapping the Metroid Prime label on Federation Force was a dumb move) faith in them.


So that was our thoughts on the Digital Event, the fallout, and Nintendo at present; but what do you think? Did you enjoy the Digital Event, are you excited about the games, or was the whole thing a waste of time for you? Let us know, either in the comments or on Twitter; @wesearp or @reuthegamer.

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