It’sa Me! The Great Mario Canon – Part One

Bear with me on this one, but what if I was to say that all of the Mario games were actually linked? Or that there was, in a similar vein to Metroid and Zelda, a timeline of events in the Mushroom Kingdom? Or even that there are red herrings and sinister goings on throughout the light and fluffy franchise? Well, I can’t say it for certain (as Nintendo haven’t stated if there is a canon, although I absolutely doubt it), but I thought that it would be fun to come up with a theory on how all of this fits together.

Okay, let’s begin with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. This is the earliest possible point in Mario’s timeline as he is a mere baby at the time. This also introduces the creature, Yoshi, who will reappear later in the timeline when Mario returns to Yoshi’s Island in Super Mario World much later (but we will get to that). Yoshi’s Island also introduces various species, such as Shy Guys (that become practically extinct later in the timeline) and King Bowser. Well, it could probably be stated that he is only Prince Bowser at that point of the Koopa Kingdom due to his age. Baby Bowser is defeated in the end, but is saved by Kamek from death, and Yoshi delivers the young Mario to his parents as we know.


Mario then grows up in the Mushroom Kingdom with the fame of his unusual delivery by the alien Yoshi creatures; becoming well known by all of its inhabitants, including the Princess of the kingdom, Peach Toadstool. In roughly his mid-twenties, Peach invites him to the castle, only for it to have been invaded by a now-grown (and now King of Koopas) Bowser who has been raised in resentment of Mario by Kamek. Using his own, and presumably Kamek’s, magic Bowser has fully invaded the castle and taken the Princess hostage. Through various endeavours, Mario defeats Bowser and he disappears from the castle.

During the time of peace that follows, Mario is abducted by King Boo after “winning” a mansion, followed by his brother suffering the same fate. This leads to Luigi meeting Professor E.Gadd and saving Mario from King Boo by using the Poltergust. Due to the ordeal he suffered at this point, Mario elects to joining Peach on her ambassadorial visit to Isle Delfino for some sort of holiday. Needless to say, things go awry again, leading to Mario meeting (by extension) Professor E.Gadd, who had left his A.I. watering device (F.L.U.D.D.) on the island. Here we first meet Bowser Jr., King Bowser’s son and the Prince of the Koopa Kingdom. Bowser has fooled his son into believing that Peach was his mother, owing to the captivity she suffered only a year or so beforehand and Jr. vandalises the island to remove Mario from the equation. However, all this led to was Bowser and his son’s defeat at the hands of Mario.


After the events of Sunshine, Mario does remain on the island to complete his holiday whilst Peach returns to the Mushroom Kingdom. During this time, Mario has a curious dream about Luigi, Peach, the Toads and himself in which he discovers an unknown world called Subcon. In his dream, he saves Subcon and that should be all; but this remains significant as some of the enemies he faced in this adventure he had not seen since he was a baby on Yoshi’s Island (such as the Shy Guys), despite having no tangible memory of it. Also, it should be pointed out that whilst Mario was abroad, Luigi was not idly waiting from him to return. Instead, he was abducted by Professor E.Gadd again to aid him with another ghost problem that had arisen in a neighbouring kingdom. However, whilst both of the brothers are absent, Bowser had mounted an almost entire invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom, turning the inhabitants into stone blocks and abducting the Princess, taking her to a grand fortress on the very outskirts of the kingdom.

When both brothers return, they begin the long and perilous journey to repel the invasion and save the Princess; but with only a vague idea of which one the princess had been taken to, they stopped to check every fortress in the kingdom. In each one, they found one of Bowser’s henchmen disguised as the King himself, and a high-ranking Toad, but were still no closer to finding Peach. In the eighth fortress, they believed that they had found both the real King Koopa and Princess Toadstool, but even both of these were fakes. Finally, in the sixteenth fortress, on the furthest reaches of the Kingdom, they found the real Princess after killing the real Bowser, dropping him into a fiery moat of lava. Peace was then restored to the Kingdom for a short time.

Part two coming tomorrow evening! Check back then for the second half Mario’s story. What do you think so far? Drop a comment or tweet me (@reuthegamer).

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