It’sa Me! The Great Mario Canon – Part Two

Continued from yesterday, which you can find here, this is the second part of my attempt at writing a full Mario canon, following on from the events that occurred in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (known as Super Mario USA in Japan) …

The peace didn’t last, as within six months came the second invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom seemingly led by Bowser, the deceased King of the Koopa Kingdom. Repeating his previous mistakes, he abducted the Princess and once again took her to one of the fortresses in the Mushroom Kingdom, but Mario was unaware that all of this was orchestrated by Bowser Jr., fuelled by revenge as the now young King Koopa. As Mario was advancing on the fortress, Jr. had the Koopa forces abduct Luigi, meaning that after rescuing Peach from yet another fake Bowser he had to send her back with a Toad envoy to rescue his brother. Anticipating this development, Jr. had the envoy attacked and brings the Princess to Bowser Castle in the Koopa Kingdom to lure Mario to what he thought would be his doom. Mario ventures through the far more dangerous Koopa Kingdom only to find that the skeleton of the original Bowser has been reanimated with Kamek’s magic as Dry Bowser. Defeating his first nemesis once again and rescuing his Princess, Mario brings a peace to both the Mushoom Kingdom and Koopa Kingdom that lasts for many years as Jr. goes into hiding.


Many years later, in fact close to a decade later, Mario and Luigi hear of trouble in Dinosaur Land, the region that contains Yoshi’s Island. Whilst Mario and Luigi had been resting, the now fully grown Jr. (titled Bowser II) had quietly invaded the entire region, placing many high-ranking Koopas in charge of different regions (the Koopalings), giving himself a large fortress in the region. During their occupation, the Koopa Kingdom had systematically extinguished whole sets of species, so a lot of the creatures (friendly and otherwise) that had surrounded Mario in his early childhood were now gone and the Yoshis themselves had been almost all imprisoned.

Mario and Luigi journey across the region, defeating the Koopalings, freeing the Yoshis, and working towards Bowser II’s fortress. When they defeat Bowser II and his clown car, they discover that (during their journey through Dinosaur Land) Peach had been abducted again by Bowser II, so the brothers were understandably surprised to see Peach there as they didn’t even know that she was missing! After returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach gifts the brothers for their services to the Kingdom with a play written about their adventures. Written by one of the best playwrights in the kingdom, there was considerable creative licence taken with the adventures, so the play ended up having aspects taken from several of the quests. This is why the play ended up with the Koopalings, the Mushroom Kingdom as the setting, wooden ships that could fly (as the entrance to Bowser II’s valley was hidden in a partially sunken ship, which the writer liked as a detail). Also, this explains why Super Mario Bros. 3 feels very put together and acted – because it is!


The play was a phenomenal success, but the joy and laughs could not last. Outraged by the play (and begrudgingly taking ideas from it), Bowser II returned to the Mushroom Kingdom with an airship armada (kept in the air by Kamek’s magic) and his own son, abducting Peach’s entire castle on the evening of the Star Festival, and then dragged it to the centre of the universe. Now, this event occurred simultaneously in two separate realities at once, both of which transpired with similar outcomes and events. In both, Mario met the Princess of Stars, Rosalina, and her people the Lumas and in both Mario rescued Peach from Bowser II, inadvertently resetting the Universe, merging these two timelines into one once again. Bowser II fled from the Mushroom Kingdom to his castle, following the Star Festival fiasco, his troops in disarray and his airship armada destroyed. However, a discovery led him to venture out once more, one of his loyal troops found a clear pipe.

Just over 5 years later, on a stroll around Peach Castle grounds, the brothers and Peach discover a clear pipe that had simply appeared that day. On investigation, they discover that the Sprixie Kingdom has been invaded by Bowser II, and five of the Princesses abducted, leading to Bowser II’s appearance to catch the sixth (that was imparting her story to the heroes). Despite being just over 40 years of age, the twin brothers leapt to action again, saving the kingdom from Bowser II and killing him finally (rather unnecessarily) via a firework explosion leaving the new Jr. an orphan.


Now in old age, Mario recounts his tales to the young of the Mushroom kingdom. Although, he does tend to mix up the details and over-embellishes in places (which we know as the New Super Mario Bros series). I mean, he remembers everything clearly from the Koopalings, to Jr.’s clown car, to what Bowser looked like; but there is no guarantee that he doesn’t flesh out the story to keep it exciting. The stories of Mario, Luigi and Bowser have become legend, so much so that the “Mario Kart” series are the most popular games in the arcades of the Mushroom Kingdom – although who would have thought that putting Mario in a game with a lot of his greatest enemies would be so popular? Furthermore, the “Mario Bros” play is still running in the kingdom and remains just as popular as it ever was.

However, Bowser III is alive and well in Koopa Castle. There has been no news from the Koopa Kingdom in many, many years, but still …

So what do you all think? It was difficult, but I think I succeeded in coherently fitting together the entirety of Mario’s main adventures into a single timeline. Is there anything I might have got wrong, or anything you think should be changed? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@reuthegamer).

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