NS Preview – Post E3 hands on with Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

So us here at camp Nintendo Scene were invited to Nintendo UK’s post E3 event in sunny ol’ Shoreditch (London), in fact let’s say scorching Shoreditch as the hot weather powered up in many more ways than one! Despite shedding a ton of liquid the good news was me, Wes, Reuben and Conor all managed to thrust our eager digits upon some unreleased material showcased at the Los Angeles Convention Center last month.

So ‘ere we have it, the first of many previews complied from our gaming experiences over the last couple of days. In true Nintendo Scene tradition gird your loins for articles stashed with varying opinions. So join us now as we reminisce about our post E3 Super Mario Maker venture…


NS Preview Post E3 hands on with Super Mario Maker Wii U 02

Wes makin’ it happen!

Plumber Wes‘ assessment…

I’m a busy man – I don’t have enough time to play the plethora of games that I regularly buy and add to my ever-growing list of titles I need to play through. And so, because of this, the idea of finding time to make my own game levels is a daunting prospect – something that puts me off owning Super Mario Maker right now. But, pleasingly, there is more to it than this.

Immediately the number of options, gadgets, tools and shear detail that I found in the game blew me away. I stood in awe as I watched a meticulously crafted sample level actually play itself – no interaction required and Mario is off, accurately being pushed from platform to pipe to spring board, all the way to the goal post waiting at the end. Wow – I can’t begin to get my head around how this was made, but knowing it, and the other multitude of levels tested, CAN be done, is very impressive.

And that, for me, may just be the hook. No doubt the level editor is fantastic – so many options, clearly time consuming and no doubt complicated as you want it to be, all beautifully presented and in an intuitive fashion. But the pre-loaded levels that are promised, the ability to play levels made by my friends and the fun in checking out the amiibo character skins (Wii Fit Trainer bounding from block to block, Link clambering up a vine!) may just get this a place on my ‘to buy’ list. Albeit not an essential purchase.


Carpenter Conor cuts in…

Even if you don’t want to spend the time to create your own levels in Super Mario Maker, you’ll be completely covered by other users’ content. Even the demo had dozens of levels ready to play, providing plenty of challenge and some amusing gimmicks; there was a level where all I had to do was run to the right, avoiding getting psyched out by all of the chaos onscreen. Another required me not to move at all, which seems like an amusing idea for one go but I’d rather be pressing buttons when I play games. The Nintendo World Championship levels were on offer too and presumably will be for the main game.

NS Preview Post E3 hands on with Super Mario Maker Wii U 05

Super Mariibo!

The creation tool itself bares a simple interface with plenty of depth for advanced users. I could create almost anything seen in a Mario Bros. game across four different generations: Super Mario Bros., Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and Mario Bros U. It’s very easy to place objects on the stage and create a simple level, but I could also make things more ridiculous by having – for example – a giant Koopa carrying a cannon that fired Bob-Ombs rather than Bullet Bills. I discovered that once the Koopa was defeated, the cannon became a wall that Mario could use to jump from. I implemented that into the level so that it became a requirement.

It is the thought of having more discoveries like this that make me excited for Mario Maker, and I’m sure we’ll see some innovative ideas from level creators. The Mario Bros. torch has been passed on to the fans, and it’s time to entertain the community with what we can create!

P.S. Please no invisible block death traps, people.


Mario meet Reu your new maker!

Mario meet Reu your new maker!

DIY Reuben says it his way…

Seriously, I love level editors. I have spent so much of my gaming life just messing around with them, even the more complicated ones, that I am surprised that I have never considered games development myself. So imagine my excitement when I found that Nintendo were releasing a level editor that would allow me to make not only Mario levels, but those in the vein of my favourite game in the franchise. I finally got to mess around with Super Mario Maker, and what an amazing little game it is.

Just playing the levels that have been made by the Treehouse team for the demo just shows the sheer diversity of the tools at your disposal in this title. There’s also parameters added to uploaded levels restricting upload if you cannot finish it yourself, stopping those with consistently low-ranked stages from uploading stages constantly, and the ability to create an album of levels (therefore creating your own little game with consecutive stages). When I jumped into the level editor, I was astounded by how diverse the features are and how intuitive they are to use. I was able to jump in immediately and make a (mostly) passable Mario level in the space of around 10 minutes. Another shocking thing that was pointed out to me by the demo staff was that there are slots on the item palettes for even more to be added so the possibilities will become almost endless in the full game. For me now, having played the demo of it, the 11th September cannot come quickly enough.


and ‘building’ upon what my colleagues have shared I shall leave you with…



If you show me a diluted level creation toolbox on any given day I can’t help but glaze over. As much as I value the appeal, personally I just prefer acting as Mr. Player more than I do a faux level designer. However, if you find this to be endearing and you adore most things Mario ‘2D’ platformer related you’re going to lap up what Super Mario Maker has to offer.

Focusing on four distinct themes from the portly plumber’s archive (Super Mario World all the way!) in a nutshell greenshell you can craft your very own spawn to goalpost trials and tribulations. Then submit it LittleBigPlanet style for the Miiverse masses to try for themselves. The catch is though you must be able to complete what you have concocted prior to submission otherwise no cigar! From my demo time I grasped an intuitive level creator and a tight as always Mario run ‘n’ jumper. The Treehouse event playable examples caused me to rewire my Mario muscles twice; running to the left far much more in one instance and then spending an entire level not jumping! There’s a brooding sense that the responsibility of this title’s success will always weigh upon the community’s artistic shoulders.

As I nestled the GamePad back into its demopod cradle my instantaneous utterance was “so really what I have played here is a game of two halves.” The anonymous demopod rep aptly added “correct, one part creation and one part appreciation.” I got beaten to the pipe here with a well chosen rhyming summary which I hasten to add was so tempting to patent as my own, but wouldn’t that be prose thievery?


Wish for more Super Mario Maker gossip? Either ask away in the comments below or tweet the team @sirb00ts @wesearp @reuthegamer @crashcon


All the above opinions are based on the demo build of Super Mario Maker on show at 30/06/15 – 01/07/15 gameplay and content is subject to change.


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