Corrin Joins The Battle in Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS

Masahiro Sakurai announced that Fire Emblem’s Corrin will join the Super Smash Bros. roster during tonight’s final Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct presentation. Both male and female versions of Corrin will be available, each performing in the exact same way.

The blood of a dragon flows through Corrin and the character will come with action packed moves such as Dragon Lunge, Dragon Ascent and Dragon Fang Shot.

Corrin’s final smash is Torrential Roar, and will pull all nearby opponents into a whirl of water.

There will be no special stage released alongside Corrin. Instead, the character comes with the theme song from Fire Emblem Fates and an additional remixed version if purchased on the Wii U. These will play during Fire Emblem stages in the Wii U version. Ryoma and Xander trophies will be added to the Nintendo 3DS version.

Corrin is scheduled to join the battle in February 2016 and will also have an amiibo figure at a later date.

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