Nintendo Scene’s (N)indie Games of the Year 2015

Us here at Nintendo Scene have already revealed our Wii U and 3DS console specific GotY picks for 2015. However pushing those limitations aside a category opens up for the games which have no need for psychical release. They instead clog up our harddrive space whilst offering splendiferous experimentation. So here we have it, our (N)indie Games of the Year 2015 in EU release date order (because yes we’re British)…


Affordable Space Adventures

EU release 9th April 2015 (please feel free to read my Review here)



Overall regardless of gaming device Big N or non-Big N related 2015 has been another grand year for the Indie scene. However, I have chosen Affordable Space Adventures as my crowning Nintendo console Indie (aka Nindie) champ due to the fact it is an experience you can’t quite recreate with the same amount of Wii U GamePad gusto on other platforms (it’s actually only Wii U compatible at this moment in time too!).

KnapNok and Nifflas’s Games have absolutely nailed the couch cooperative check-list urging you and your co-pilots to avoid repeat awkward silences with communication ranging from cohesive to hilariously irate. Each peripheral wielded assigns you to a different role which when summed together enables a tiny tour spacecraft to wobble from puzzle to puzzle throughout a hostile environment. I’ve said it before and I shall say it again, quite frankly I haven’t had this much fun with the Wii U GamePad since Nintendo Land. Now that ladies and gentlemen is a worthy feat, and with our gaming time being a precious commodity here’s a completely affordable adventure you MUST try!



EU release 3rd September 2015 (Conor’s Review can be found here)



My indie game of this year has to be Runbow, the Wii U exclusive  title from 13AM Games. From the moment I picked up that Wii remote to join in a 9 player session, alongside one of the developers I should add, at this years EGX, I loved it. The joy at simply running and jumping my character across the screen like his little digital life depended on it, punching my way past my competitors, was like something I hadn’t experienced before – and something I knew would be an instant hit.

It’s the simple, pick up and play, multi-player fun that I really enjoy – a title that’s become an essential game of choice at regular ‘StreetPass’ Nintendo gaming events. There’s something about this super-competitve, fast paced, cameo filled title that really pulls you in for another go – with all those indie star characters to choose from, including Shovel Knight, Scram Kitty and Juan from Guacamelee!, plus the range of games modes to try, that ensures the competition soon heats up.

Grab a wii remote, nunchuck, classic controller – whatever you can find, and run for your life, as special moves cause chaos, tension mounts as the Gamepad armed ‘Colour Master’ considers his next move and much yelling ensues, in a game that rivals Super Smash Bros. when it comes to multi-player gaming. You can even add a little taunt from your chosen hero at that last second – if you dare!



From the visuals, to the music, to the gameplay, to the features (9 player mode anyone?) Runbow is a colorful, sassy, and excellent gaming experience. If you’re looking for overly complex and diverse visuals and a deep plot then this game isn’t where you should be looking; what it does have to offer however is a ridiculously fun and surprisingly packed-with-content adventure; boasting catchy music, smart puns, solid gameplay and an all round sense that everything fits neatly where it belongs. The inclusion of so many other Indie characters is yet another praise-worthy thing to note about this game upon the already tall stack of good features. The premise is simple but so wonderfully executed and the multiple game modes expand well upon this with each game mode being unique enough in itself but different enough to justify its own existence. Solo or multiplayer I recommend Runbow for a fun and upbeat gaming experience. Sorry Nihilumbra.


Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

EU release 17th September 2015 (read Reuben’s Review right here, right now)



Following on from the phenomenal success that was last years release of Shovel Knight, which was my 3DS GOTY last year, there was a lot riding on Yacht Club games to prove themselves with the first DLC pack; Plague of Shadows. Fortunately, this update to the main game, allowing the maniacal villain Plague Knight to be playable, is a wonderful update to an already solid title.

Forcing you to replay the game, as a different character with very different mechanics, gives a fresh breath of life into the title. It makes Shovel Knight just different enough to vindicate revisiting its world, but familiar enough to keep those that love the world interested in these new goings on. The DLC is free, so if you already have the main game, there is no reason to hesitate on this one.



EU release 10th December 2015 (Conor also recently wrote a Review for this)



It was quite tough to choose a standout indie title. Runbow and Typoman were two great games, but I’m going to give this one to the late entry, FAST Racing NEO. I haven’t been able to put it down yet. Shin’en did a wonderful job on all sixteen tracks; they look beautiful, and during races they don’t hold back on giving you hell with their hazards. I never get tired of racing on Daitoshi Station with asteroids firing in all directions, crashing onto the track as the booming explosion gives me a rush of adrenaline… as long as I wasn’t the one that got hit by it.

It offers an extremely tough challenge that I welcome. While it’s not very forgiving, you’re motivated to learn the tracks properly to improve your time. There are no items to rely on, so it’s almost entirely down to your skill except for when an obstruction suddenly appears in front of you.

Alongside that, the split-screen multiplayer is joyous and online works fine too. Despite the lack of extras, FAST Racing NEO is well worth its price, and it fills the gap left by the F-Zero series.


Do you undoubtedly agree with our choices? Or firmly disagree? As always let us know via any means necessary. Otherwise keep yo’selves glued for our final thoughts on 2015 with our Big N Moments of the Year upcoming article!


2 Responses to “Nintendo Scene’s (N)indie Games of the Year 2015”
  1. Jeremy says:

    I didn’t play your choices apart from vanilla Shovel Knight, but if I had to pick one it’d be Steamworld Heist, a lovely take on turn-based combat.


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