Nintendo Scene’s Big N Moments of the Year 2015

We’ve recommended you plenty of Wii U, 3DS and (N)indie 2015 games to give a pop and now that the dust has settled what left is there to talk of? In an attempt to try something a little more off script and a little less release date specific, join us as we reminisce about Nintendo related moments which struck a personal chord this year…


Cloud in Smash


cloud strife super smash bros


Does this really need an explanation? It’s Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS! Okay, fine.

Nintendo, as everyone knows, had a period of silence this year in respectful response to the criminally premature death of Satoru Iwata. When they announced a Nintendo Direct for November, we all guessed that something big was coming, but what did actually come was a complete shock for almost everyone. Cloud Strife, protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, is coming to Smash Bros. I distinctly remember sitting watching the Direct with friends, and two of us (myself being one) going absolutely stunned as that iconic Opening music from Final Fantasy VII began playing … It simply couldn’t be, but it was.

This simple announcement had us completely and utterly speechless. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS became, at that very moment, the best iteration of the franchise. If they even try to top it, how could they?


The Nintendo World Championships




I was sitting with a group of friends watching the Nintendo World Championships. The competition wasn’t too great, each player never made it too far, and I feel it really should have been called the Nintendo USA Championships instead. You can probably guess that I didn’t find the event too overwhelming, but I continued to watch. I was already quite excited for Super Mario Maker, but the previews I’d seen hadn’t been too ambitious, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then it came to the SMM round and I watched in delight and tension as it begun to dawn on me the ridiculous creations that could be accomplished with this software. I remember the fully clenched cheeks of my nether regions watching the players attempt to avoid the circular saws while trying to time their jumps to avoid peril. I remember watching a player for the first time enter the wrong door only to be met with multiple Bowsers and immediately NOPEing right out of there. I remember the noise that came out my mouth and throwing my hands up and getting so involved in the experience. This is the point where the game was sold for me and I was so eager to get my hands on it. It’s quite personal, but for me I feel this is the Nintendo moment that sticks out the most in 2015, and it really makes me smile thinking back on it.


Summer’s Hyper Japan




When it comes to a Nintendo-related moment, summer’s Hyper Japan is my standout. Playing in tournaments on three of the best games on Wii U was great, but the general atmosphere made it fantastic.

The Splatoon match in the morning set the mood for the day. I played in a team of friends in a best-of-three Turf War, with plenty of viewers both at the venue and through the event’s Twitch stream. We ended up winning all three rounds, with one of them only being decided by a 3% difference. Playing Splatoon with friends in person isn’t something I’ve been able to do often, so being able to do that alone felt amazing. Our performance was the icing on the cake!

That doesn’t quite compare to the Smash Bros Wii U final I had in the evening on stage – pairing up with my Greninja Amiibo in a best-of-five match against another player with their Fox Amiibo. Incredibly, the match went down to the fifth and final round, which I was able to take by making liberal use of Shulk’s counter (seriously, it was Fox’s only weakness). This was all played in front of a crowd of fans who never grew tired of cheering and shouting as we battled it out. It really showed the positivity and passion that the community has, for a company that continues to create unforgettable experiences through its games.






In the very early hours of one cold January morning I headed down to Brighton to meet some fellow Sussex based Nintendo fans for our day trip to Birmingham. And what a trip it was.

We knew it was going to be a long day ; collecting other like minded Nintendo fans from Portsmouth and Southampton on the way, we were all headed to StreetPass UK’s National Smash Bros. for Wii U Championships. All before heading back home again later that night to end an 18 hour Nintendo extravaganza.

This was my Nintendo event of the year – a celebration of an amazing game, loads of dedicated Nintendo fans from all over the country together in one place, hundreds of StreetPasses, an amazing atmosphere… All adding up to a fantastic example of Nintendo gaming at its best – community, team spirit, fun and laughter that I wouldn’t hesitate to be part of again next time.


So long Club Nintendo




It’s not often in life you get second chances and I totally accept that. However if the reason your first chance was squandered due to no fault of your own it can be far firmer pill to swallow. Luckily for me (without trying to sound too horrifically consumerist) there was no uncomfortable swallowing required as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Sound Selection reappeared on Club Nintendo’s Star catalogue for one last time. As I digitally snatched this nostalgic trophy with the last of my stars it became all too apparent that this was the end for me and Club Nintendo’s survey plugging affair as its discontinuation loomed.

Once I received the music and proceeded to smugly listen to its contents I was then humbly reminded of those times I faffed about in Kakariko village within The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I’ve always been in conflict with being materialistic but then there are moments like these which can show how a simple trinket will aid in reigniting a cherished memoir.

So, so long Club Nintendo and thanks for all the fish swag!


Well there you go ladies and gentlemen, that was 2015 in the world of Nintendo gaming summed up Nintendo Scene style. Do you feel enlightened? Perhaps even saddened? Well don’t be too glum as there’s a whole new year on the horizon, one which will notch the 30th Anniversory mark for a Hylian hero I may add. If you wish to chat as always let us know via any means necessary. Otherwise keep yo’selves safe ‘n’ very much video gamey!


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