Rumour: Wolf Link amiibo unlocks new dungeon in Twilight Princess HD

amiibo wolf

According to the information section on Amazon France, there is supposedly a new dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD that can only be accessed using the Wolf Link amiibo figure. The dungeon is apparently called “The Twilight Cave” (Cave du Crépuscule).

This little detail was pointed out by Nintendo Insider and a NeoGAF member, and since then the information has been removed from Amazon France.

Furthermore, a Hero Mode was listed in the description, which would be a welcome addition to those who want more of a challenge.

Lastly, using The Legend of Zelda series’ amiibos will allow you to further unlock other bonuses in game, such as replenishing your life or getting arrows for your bow.

Take this news with a pinch of salt folks, at least until there’s confirmation from Nintendo about the games’ features.

Source(s): Nintendo Insider

One Response to “Rumour: Wolf Link amiibo unlocks new dungeon in Twilight Princess HD”
  1. Jeremy says:

    If this is true I feel it’s a mis-step in amiibo usage. Nintendo single player games to me have always felt like tight, self contained experiences with the their own secrets and end-game challenges built in and locking a dungeon behind an amiibo paywall is at odds with this. Additionally, Zelda dungeons almost always have a new item inside them that you must discover and use to progress further in the game. How would another optional dungeon give you that same feeling of progression? Not to mention heart pieces for the conpletionists among us! Of course it’s all hypothetical at this point. I suppose it could be a standalone dungeon aside from the main game but I doubt that.


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