Shovel Knight amiibo scanning through the box was intentional

amiibo figure

Last week, the Shovel Knight amiibo launched across the US and Europe, and fans noticed something different with this amiibo figure compared to others.

Those who bought the Shovel Knight amiibo were able to scan the figure from its box, without having to release the figure from its confinement. This came as a welcome surprise to serious amiibo collectors, as removing the amiibo from its packaging is such a blasphemous decision.

It appears that this was an intentional decision made by Yacht Club Games, developer of Shovel Knight. The amiibo will remain in pristine condition in its original packaging, while also unlocking features in the Wii U and 3DS versions of Shovel Knight.

Under the licence from Nintendo, Yacht Club Games produced the amiibo itself, and listened to its fans throughout the process.

Speaking with Polygon, David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games said:

“We got a lot of feedback from fans before release who wanted to be able to scan the amiibo inside the packaging so they could still use the figure [in-game] while keeping it as a collector’s item. We didn’t see much issue with their request: while you can stand with a 3DS in store and try to scan it — we didn’t think that was actually something people would do due to the nature of the content we were making.”

Have you got the Shovel Knight amiibo? Are you one of those collectors who was happy to notice this? Could it be a direction that Nintendo takes with future amiibo figures? Discuss!

Source: Polygon

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