Shakedown Hawaii 3DS Trailer

Retro City Rampage is one of the big indie titles on 3DS with developer V Blank stating that the DX edition sold best on 3DS, this is probably due to the vanilla edition (sold earlier and separately) not being available on the 3DS. A good stat nonetheless.

The follow up Shakedown Hawaii is set 20years in the future where the protagonist Player is now old and fat. Though part of the game does take place with Player still being young which is why he is in the trailer.

Shakedown Hawaii features beautiful 16bit graphics and the same crazy action we’ve come to know and love from Retro City Rampage. V Blank have stated rather than the emphasis be on pop culture gags (like in Retro City Rampage) it is now on big ass weapons (I paraphrase).

The trailer shows a lot of the mechanics such as cover and lock on and some of the awesome looking weapons.

Shakedown Hawaii is without a doubt going to be one to watch, so board that hype train and look forward to its release.

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