Fire Emblem Limited Edition 3DS, Game Feature Trailer and Face Rubbing

Another big title from Nintendo on 3DS means another limited edition 3DS XL, this time for Fire Emblem Fates. The game is due 19th Feb in America but currently has no release date for Europe. I’m sure it won’t be far behind though.Fire emblem fates 3ds xl

Fire Emblem Fates has two version which split the story line with you taking one side or the other, you can purchase the other story for $19.99, hopefully that’ll be £14.99 which isn’t bad for a complete game sized DLC. Nintendo have also announced that the 3rd story which will be available on 10th March will also cost $19.99 which runs the cost for the whole game rather high but it is effectively 3 games set in the same world with the same game system, if you love your Fire Emblem it’s a no brainer for such massive DLC.

Nintendo also cleared up the face rubbing controversy by removing that mini game (where you invite a character to your house and rub them) from the western release. It seemed like some harmless fun to me but Nintendo don’t go near edges, no they avoid them so drastically they drive off the opposite side. Anyway, it has been replaced by being able to wake a character you have an S rank bond with by blowing into the mic.

Then there’s the stream of Youtube videos to keep Fire Emblem fresh in your mind, the latest of which introduces some of the well known game features of Fire Emblem games as well as an introduction of some of characters in each of the two sides. Personally I like the sound of the Hoshido, how about you?

Will you be purchasing Fire Emblem Fates when it releases? Or any of the DLC? Or the 3DS? There’s rather a lot isn’t there.

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