Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright) 6 Details

Capcom have dished some details on the upcoming Ace Attorney game for 3DS. Like in previous games, Ace Attorney 6 is broken up into two gameplay types. Detective parts and courtroom parts. In detective parts you’re… being a detective, looks for clues, talk to witnesses, pretend we are from Midsummer Murders, you know the usual. In the courtroom things get dicey as we do battle with the prosecutors. Not like an actual battle, but one in which we spot lies and inconsistencies.


The investigation of crime scenes is in 3D so we have to switch angles to make sure we find everything. You have to talk to witnesses to hear stories related to the case and press for more information when things are related to wring every last drop of information out of a witness.  If you’re stuck there will a handy “Detective Memo” to help, no need to Youtube what to do here. Also witnesses testimonies may not always be correct and you as Ace Attorney need to figure that out through looking for inconsistencies at all times.

So there we have it, Ace Attorney 6: More of the Same? It’s far too soon to tell. I imagine more sticking to a tried and tested formula whilst improving upon. At least in the upcoming Ace Attorney we will be travelling between two countries.

Are you excited for a new Ace Attorney?



One Response to “Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright) 6 Details”
  1. The movie grossly overestimates the audience’s sympathy for a murderous thug and its interest in the morality of international banking.


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