Sega are actually localising a game!

7th Dragon III Code:VFD Collectors Edition

Breaking news!!! Sega are actually going to localise a very Japanesey (yes it’s a word) game. Fans around the world unite and rejoice because Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally com… wait its not Phantasy Star Online 2? Sega are finally localising and it’s not one of their biggest games of last few years. No it’s 3DS exclusive 7th Dragon III Code VFD with a name to make most westerners go ‘What the ****’. But Sega are actually localising. Just think of the days when we get all the Yakuza games, the Phantasy Star games, a good Sonic game… a girl can dream.

I’m to quietly place this here and you should watch because it actually looks like an interesting RPG.

Here’s a nice little chunk of info about the game,
In 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, the world is engulfed in a time of darkness and great peril. In the year 2100, dragons have descended upon earth and humanity is at the mercy of these terrifying beasts. However, not all is lost. As the protagonist, the player will team up with Nodens Enterprises—a video game company dedicated to stopping the dragon menace—to become a dragon hunter and eventual savior of the universe. Although times are bleak, Nodens Enterprises has found a way to tip the scales in favor of mankind: By traveling through time to three different eras, the protagonist can upset the balance of the dragons’ power. This will give them the edge to defeat the True Dragons, and stand a chance against the most powerful one of them all… the 7th Dragon: VFD.
And here’s another trailer, there’s less action in this trailer but more good music in its place.

7th Dragon III Code VFD is due out in summer in America with no word for Europe yet but Sega do publish in Europe so I would imagine it’ll be soon afterwards. There is also a collector/launch edition that comes with a limited edition box and a 25 page art book. Sega have made it unclear if it is a launch or collectors edition though as they have referred to it as both and have said if you’ve already preordered it (America only) you will get the launch edition.
Are you excited for yet another JRPG on 3DS? Did I mention you make your own cat café in this game? Are you excited now?

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