Nintendo NX and Zelda U pushed back to 2017 release, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing coming to Mobile

In a somewhat sad turn of events, it was announced earlier that both the NX and Zelda U are being pushed back to a 2017 release date; March specifically. This comes after the original Zelda U announcement being made in 2013, and an announcement of its release for 2016. Along with the news, Nintendo have given us a Zelda U related piece of art, featured above, with Link still sporting his strange blue tunic, his hi-tech bow, and the entire image being painted in a style somewhat reminiscent of the A Link Between Worlds official art.

Nintendo have also announced both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing based apps will be making their way to a Mobile release this Autumn. It is said that “Both of these are pure game applications”. Following on from that, this years E3 event will apparently only have Zelda U as a playable game (somewhat strange given Pokemon Sun and Moon are also set to release later this year), with the NX not making an appearance there but being set to be unveiled later this year.

Naturally, many people are upset about this news, especially given a prior release date was already announced. Though frustrated, this does actually convince me more that Zelda U truly will be both huge, and something like we’ve never seen before. Throwback to our 2016 Predictions regarding the NX/Wii U cross release too. Some guy once said (I forget who it was) that “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

How do you feel about this news? Do you think the release date will be pushed back once again? Are you glad the Wii U and 3DS have still got a little left to go? What do you anticipate for the mobile side of this announcement? Comment below with your thoughts. Congratulations to Nintendo for kidnapping over 10 millions users on Miitomo, a feat that will have a special celebratory event running between the 29th April and the 8th May, and thanks for reading.

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