Celebrate a year of Splatoon in style

Since last Sunday Splatoon has been out a year. What a year it’s been with updates still rolling out due to popular demand. Splatoon has gone from paying full price for effectively a demo to a huge game with mucho guns, levels and game modes. With gaming’s current obsession with shooters, Splatoon is surely here to stay, I for one would love a Splatoon game on 3DS and was disappointed when the inklings didn’t come to Smash Bros.

There’s a few ways you can join in on the Splatoon celebrations ranging from a trip to Paris to see the Squid Sisters live at the Japan Expo on 8th July, to buying from reduced price Splatoon merchandise at the Nintendo store. Or you could just sit back and enjoy the new update Sheldon’s picks Vol. 2 which brings 9 new weapons on the 8th June.

Sheldon's picks vol. 2

If you’re interested in what the Squid Sisters sound like live then check out the video below and we hope you’ve been enjoying your year of Splatoon.

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