The Next Splatfest (11th June)

World tour Vs A space adventure

It’s here everyone, the next Splatfest after the big update on Splatoon. It’ll start 6pm BST on Saturday 11th June. This time it’s What’s your dream trip? A world tour or  a space adventure. Now I’m sure more people will pick a space adventure as clearly that’s a better holiday. though if you think about it rationally there’s not a lot in space so after the initial wonder, there isn’t a lot else. Whereas a world tour there will be countless things to see. But who’s going to have an in depth thought about which team to pick? (other than me) One thing I have noticed in Splatfests is often the team with fewer people win since they changed the original way the score was calculated.

What side will you pick?

2 Responses to “The Next Splatfest (11th June)”
  1. Brian says:

    Is this for North America?


    • Becky says:

      Hi, I’m really sorry I forgot to add that it’s for Europe. They really should just do them all at the same time with the same teams.


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