Shakedown Hawaii (Retro City Rampage followup) will have a physical release

Brian Provinciano has confirmed via twitter that Shakedown Hawaii the sequel to Retro City Rampage with beautiful 16bit graphics will have a physical release as seen below.

On top of this he has also said he’s even considering releasing Shakedown Hawaii on PSP because it would run on that, so expect Shakedown Hawaii to release on every current console including Wii U and 3DS and perhaps even more (Retro City Rampage was even ported to MD-DOS via a floppy disk) when it hopefully comes out later this year (it was planned for this year but no concrete release date yet).

Also in Shakedown Hawaii you won’t just be in the city it will extend out to the jungle too which will be fun.

And a final side note, Retro City Rampage DX has recently come out on iOS for £3.99 and will be on sale for 3DS at this price come this Thursday.


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