Turn your Android phone into a cartridge using Gameboy

Smart Boy

The fine folks over at Hyperkin (makers of the Retron series of consoles) have announced they are making a “Smart Boy”. It’s an attachment for Android smart phones that turns it into a Gameboy, reading real cartridges and all.

As you can see from the image it looks pretty awesome, however the price tag is not, $60 is rather a lot for a peripheral that will only be useful for Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and possibly Nes games. Adding to that it Hyperkin don’t yet know how well it is going to work as they are looking for people to buy the development kit and help add to the open source app and firmware. the development kit will be available from the beginning of December direct from Hyperkin and mostly likely the good people over at Funstock will stock it too.

Would you enjoy turning your phone into a gameboy? I know I’d be happy to crack out Dragon Warrior Monsters and Pokemon again without having to take yet another console with me.

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