eShop Sale Selects – Super Mario Land (GB)

With derpy hit-boxes, powerups that’ll do everything they can to get away from you, Fireballs that clip through enemies, and genuinely painful momentum that fights you every step of the way, a good portion of the difficulty in Super Mario Land comes from faulty mechanics, and you may find yourself meeting your end more from running off the edge of something due to temperamental jump buttons, rather than at the hands of enemies. Despite this, the game was a huge success for the original Game Boy and a highly rated addition to the console’s arsenal, selling over 18million copies.
gfs_38737_1_1Super Mario Land sports a simple premise, you make your way through different areas, fighting enemies, collecting powerups and coins, tackling each World’s Boss, and slowly making your way to Princess Daisy. Invasive cutscenes are at a minimal and loading times are snippy, so you’re left with an almost entirely gameplay-exclusive experience. This game showcases so many classic Mario staples that have still survived to this day, and was a solid building block for the magnificent evolution of Nintendo’s best-selling franchise.


The graphics in this game are minimal but comprehensive. Each enemy, powerup, setting, and interactive object are all different enough from the other. Mario himself showcases some classic poses, and an uncluttered background makes sure you can focus properly on the task at hand. Music sports heavy repetition, as many games had to in that time, but the tunes are catchy and you might find yourself humming one or two for quite some time after playing. You can blast through this game in under an hour, providing you can be patient enough with the controls disobeying you and leading you to your demise. There’s even good replay value (something that is considerably forced given this game didn’t actually have a proper save function, but good old Virtual Console save states can fix this issue) what with multiple paths and a few tiny little secrets to uncover. With just over 24 hours left to go on Nintendo’s eShop Sale you can pick up this original Mario classic at just £1.79 (50% off).

Super Mario Land, you may not be the prettiest, or most functional installment, but I adore you and I’m glad to see you live on in the 3DS’s library, and your creation paved the way for much greater things to come. Keep on breakin’ blocks little buddy.

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