NS Monthly Most Played – June 2016

We’re halfway into 2016 and what better time to start a new series of articles? Created by our very own b00ts, please welcome what I hope to be an ongoing installment to Nintendo Scene; our monthly most played games! I’ll be getting as many of the team on board as I can to write up a short review of both their most played 3DS game, and their most played Wii U game of that month. So without further hesitation, let’s dive in!

Reuben’s Monthly Most Played
Another month with very little reason to play my Wii U. However, that just means that my 3DS has got a proper workout over the last month between various little games. Firstly, I finished the incredible Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, and now I am definitely excited for the next title. Secondly, I have FINALLY got the Mega Pencil in Pokémon Picross after grinding the daily challenges for the last couple of months, so I have been making actual progress in it again (even if very little progress).


Fire Emblem: Fates finally saw its UK release in May 2016

Other than this I have been sharing my time (with great difficulty) between the incredible Fire Emblem Fates and the equally incredible Bravely Second: End Layer. After the stressful string of decisions in Fire Emblem Fates (choosing my hairstyle took altogether too long), my quest in the new FE universe is both enthralling and challenging … and I’m loving it. Bravely Second, conversely, is still very much holding my attention and making it difficult to solely enjoy this new game in my collection (which, obviously, I do not mind).

Conor’s Monthly Most Played

Only two games were played on my Wii U in June and they were both released over a year ago. I’ve been enjoying a resurgence of interest in Nintendo’s most recent IP, Splatoon.
It’s undoubtedly my favourite Wii U game, and there are a few reasons why my interest in Splatoon has returned. I’ve been dipping my toes in the online competitive community, with online being the only convenient place for competitive play – as opposed to Smash Bros where only one console & monitor is needed. Playing pre-organised

splatoon 1 year

Not long after Splatoon’s 1st Birthday it seems Nintendo is calling it quits for Splatfests

matches in a team of people you get along with is fun, intense, and infinitely more satisfying than playing by yourself in Ranked Mode. It also feels good to be free of the tedious 2-map rotation system for competitive games as well.
Nintendo also seem to be winding down their extra support for Splatoon, as the final Splatfest is upon us and all DLC has been released. The game will still enjoy a long lifespan and I will be playing for as long as I can, but the ultimate Splatfest will most likely see the last spike in popularity, and I’m looking forward to being a part of that.

Mätti’s Monthly Most Played
10 years ago Nintendo released what was one of my favorite Zelda games of all time; The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, so when the rumors of its remake began to surface, one might think I was excited- but with Nintendo’s recent track record I was apprehensive, and this game didn’t go out of it’s way to prove me wrong.
Twilight Princess HD boasts unresponsive, inconsistent controls, sloppy Z-Targeting, and one of the worst cameras I’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to work with. Removing the original motion controls feels in itself like an admission they weren’t up to scratch, and now I have all the pleasure of watching the core mechanics be consistently faulty in glorious HD. Speaking of HD, the new look of TP HD is pretty much the only thing it’s got going for it in terms of upgrades, with the visuals looking at times like they could almost pass for a current gen game. 10 years of complaints evidently wasn’t enough time for fixes, and some glaring oversights (Epona’s controls) somehow managed to still make the cut. The visual change is questionable given the original congested atmosphere lent itself very well to the overall theme of the game, and while I won’t pretend it wasn’t a genuine privilege to see some of my favorite TP moments so crisp and vibrant- the visuals alone in my opinion do not carry the horrendous faults this remake constantly shoves down your throat.
Twilight Princess HD made me cry like an Anime fan on prom night, but hey, at least now I can see Ooccoo’s nipples in stunning HD.
All 8 freaking pairs of them.

Following a recent system format I’ve ended up with very little play time on record this month for my 3DS, and my most played goes to Super Mario Land- however I already reviewed that here, so I wont be doing it again. Instead I’ll talk about 2nd place; Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.
SML2 is an upgrade in almost every way to the foundations set by SML. There’s vastly enhanced visuals, more music, an overworld showcasing an even larger and more diverse set of mission locations, slightly improved controls, and the arrival of the ever-disconcerting character Wario. SML2 now features backtracking, more PowerUps, more bonus games, and an even longer play time. You can still breeze through this game in a few hours, and the plot is utterly minimal, but at the time it was a groundbreaking release and an enormous step up for the Mario series, which continued to climb higher from there. Hostile ants, floppy maggots, and even an almost-Dracula cameo await you should you choose to play this game.

Becky’s Monthly Most Played
This month I have been playing Kirby: Planet Robobot, it is simply a joy to play from start to finish. Now I am enjoying collecting the last of the code cubes (like the hidden coins in Mario games) in order to unlock the secret levels and I can give a spoiler for next month, I’ll be playing Meta Knight’s speed run version of the game. The reason Kirby: Planet Robobot is so good is that they got everything just right. It’s fun and challenging to collect all the secret kirby planet robobotstickers and code cubes but not too challenging it becomes frustrating looking for a hidden item, the graphics look amazing on the 3DS and the Robot Armour brings a new dimension to the gameplay even if it is only a small dimension.  I have also been playing a wee bit of Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden as I love Dragon Ball and 2d fighting games. Extreme Butoden is fantastic as it’s a simplified fighting game, all the inputs for all the characters are the same, they just do slightly different things. There is enough variety and complexity to keep me happy, whilst it’s simple enough to pick up after not playing for a long time.


What are your experiences with the games we’ve been playing? What’s your monthly most played? Comment below or tweet me @MattiasMay. Thank you for reading!

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