NS Monthly Most Played – July 2016

Hello again and welcome to the second installment in our Monthly Most Played articles! This month saw the Summer of Splat; a competitive tournament for Splatoon players, and the release of Pokémon GO; a new mobile app by Niantic where one must actually leave the house in order to encounter and collect randomly spawned Pokémon, and despite the app being shallow, faulty and unfinished, it’s raked in millions of players every day and created a global phenomenon. In terms of 3DS this month we saw Monster Hunter Generations released, and the infamous Metroid Prime: Blast Ball can now be downloaded for free. Now here’s what we at Nintendo Scene have been playing…


Gorgeously stylised and unique character art is present in Dimensions

Mätti’s Monthly Most Played
On 3DS this month I’ve been playing Dead or Alive: Dimensions. This series holds a dear place in my heart and this portable version is surprisingly buxom for a handheld. DoA tries so hard to shoehorn in complex plots and backstories and doesn’t really succeed at doing so, sporting a drawn out story mode which is essentially a budget QTE that lasts WAY too long, but where this game absolutely excels is in the core mechanics, which are best showcased in the various free-play modes and challenges, boasting 26 characters of varying styles and talents. I believe some of the art in this game to be worthy of extremely high praise, as well as its ability to make the simple concept of beating someone up so much fun. The unlockables are suprisingly extensive, if a bit asinine, but if you want to photograph every character in a worryingly high number of different poses and costumes then I shant judge you and I’m only saddened that my waifu isn’t included that option. In my opinion DoA:D has some of the best gameplay in the series, if only they could combine it with the visuals of DoA:5, I think they’d have the strongest installment in the series.

Without even needing to check I know that Splatoon has super jumped all the way to the top and held the place of most-played this month indefinitely. This strange and barebones colorful shooter let’s me live out all my fantasies of being a cute little squid girl and I can unfortunately say I’ve been reguarly sacrificing daily necessities to play this game as much as I possibly can. Splatoon holds one of the most bizarre, unique, and genius concepts in media I’ve seen in a very long time and even back when I didn’t like this game I was still fascinated by the designs. Now I’ve 180’d completely into the garbage can labelled “pure Splatoon trash” chucking away a shameful amount on merchandise, listening to the OST in my spare time and even dreaming that I’m playing Splatoon. The gameplay is solid but it irritates me that Nintendo have slapped down a bunch of incredible concepts and then just left them there without expanding on them. Splatoon could easily be so much more and utterly phenomenal while doing so, but instead we’re left with what feels like a minimal interpretation of some core concepts that were never allowed to blossom into a complete masterpiece. Also whose tentacles do I have to ink to get a Splatoon MMORPG?

Reuben’s Monthly Most Played
My Nintendo consoles have not had much of an exercise this month. On Wii U, I’ve pretty much only been playing Super Smash Bros. with friends in local multiplayer. I’ve picked up a couple of new characters in recent times, namely Wii Fit Trainer and Robin. I grabbed Robin for the StreetPass Brighton Fire Emblem Smash tourney a couple of months ago, and although he’s slow in movement, I enjoy the ability to bait and trap opponents. Wii Fit Trainer I just love playing for hitting balls everywhere, even if this makes me a target in group scenarios just for being annoying.

On 3DS I’ve made tremendous progress with Fire Emblem: Fates, getting about halfway through the Birthright side of the story. Absolutely loving the story and characters in this new iteration, they’re all much more three-dimensional than most of the characters were in Awakening (although the writing is far from the Radiant games in my opinion). Due to how enthralling I’m finding Fates, no other games have really got a look in, but I have been playing a little bit of Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition too for fighting game practice on the move.

sub par waifu's await you in Street Fighter's 3DS installment

sub par waifus await you in Street Fighter’s 3DS installment

Conor’s Monthly Most Played
With the final splatfest and the arrival of new amiibo, I’m still piling on the playtime in Splatoon this month. However, I ended up playing a fair bit of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games earlier this month on the Wii U. It’s probably the best in the series, and a big reason for that is the upgraded graphics and colourful carnival theme. The events are all simple to grasp and play, but at least there’s an absence of the strenuous button-mashing and arm-swinging you used to do on these games. I got a little hooked simply because of the many modes and tournaments to get through, which the game offers in abundance. It’s a shame the game couldn’t match that with its base number of events.

The Olympics are just around the corner and Mario & Sonic 2016 is a pleasant game to get fans into the spirit of things. It’s inevitably advised to play with a group of friends though. It doesn’t live up to the Wii U’s other triple-A multiplayer titles, but it does its job well.
You can read Conor’s full review of Mario & Sonic 2016 here

Become a lego in Lego Dimensions. To be honest I have no idea what to write here I've never personally played the game

Become a lego in Lego Dimensions. To be honest I have no idea what to write here I’ve never personally played the game. Look at that girl on the right, she has cool hair

Wes’ Monthly Most Played
As Nintendo Scene’s resident family man my Wii U has become the go to console for games to enjoy with my wife and 6 year old daughter. Disney Infinity gets a fair bit of play, but this month it’s all been about Lego Dimensions. Specifically the Ghostbusters level pack (great fun – play through the whole film including an epic battle with the Stay Puft Marshmallow man), as well as guest appearances from a Ninjago figure I bought in Amazons Prime day (don’t know the theme, but the mech suit is cool!) and my daughter’s favourite; Scooby Doo (he loves to drive the vehicles). And Marty Mcfly. And Doctor Who. And Superman…
It’s this range of characters that keeps us coming back to this game and that keeps the interest alive. No, we haven’t finished the main campaign yet. Yes it can get frustrating when it’s not really clear what we’re supposed to be doing (YouTube comes in useful). But give us a new character to try, a new adventure world to open up and a gold brick that we can now finally collect now that we have the character with the ability we need and that’s where our family gaming time is going to continue to be spent. Yes it’s getting expensive, but come November and the release of new characters including Sonic and Mission Impossible and I know which title we’re still going to be playing before anything else.

And that’s it for Nintendo Scene’s Monthly Most Played of July 2016. What are your thoughts of some the games here? And what have you been playing most this month? Drop a comment below and as always, thank you for reading!

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