NS Monthly Most Played – August 2016

The beginning of the month marks our next installment in our Monthly Most Played articles; where we at Nintendo Scene write about which 3DS games and which Wii U games have taken the top spot in our activity logs for the month just gone by. So without further ado let’s see what (some of us) have been getting our grubby fingers stuck into during August 2016!

Conor’s Monthly Most Played
What have I played on the Wii U this month that hasn’t been Splatoon? Well, Super Smash Bros Wii U got some attention.
I organised and participated in a little ‘For Glory’ tournament and shamefully didn’t win a single game. I won one round at least, managing to give an impressive performance as Zero Suit Samus. The person I was playing against selected Wii Fit Trainer for two of the rounds and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone play her so skillfully. I’ve never put that much time into online modes on Smash Bros Wii U, to the point that my longest online session happened two weeks ago when Mätti and I ventured into 2-on-2 For Glory mode. It went pretty well! I rotated between my favourites – Zero Suit Samus, Yoshi, Lucina, Toon Link, Shulk… – while Mätti was doing what he does best with Corrin, that is to say there were a lot of counters. And death.

We could practically hear them screaming "NO!" every time
We could practically hear them screaming “NO!” every time

We had an impressive string of games against one pair and the connection was solid throughout, which was nice to see as Smash Bros’ net can be very inconsistent. After winning every game to this point, one particular game went into sudden death. Down to one player on each team, a bomb decided to spawn off-screen above me and send me flying off the stage for our first loss. Naturally, our opponents left the lobby after their solitary win.
It was the most fun I’ve had playing online Smash Bros. Although it’s impossible to wrestle me away from Splatoon at the moment, it was nice going back to one of the other great Wii U multiplayers and still have a great time almost two years after release.

For the Nintendo 3DS I’ve been playing a little bit of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It’s alright. More on that another time.



Wii Fit Trainer makes her debut in Smash as ball slinging low tier trash

Becky’s Monthly Most Played
This month has been a month dominated by 3DS for me. After a year off I finally came back to Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. It is a game known across the land for being one of if not the best rpg of last generation and I have the opinion that it could have been one of the best rpgs ever if not for one major flaw. The thing that brought it everyone’s attention in the first place, the sheer size of the world. It’s just too big and empty. I spent 3 hours exploring a swamp. It just takes too long to get from A to B. This huge vast emptiness is why multiplayer was included in the sequel. Despite this it is still easily one of the best rpgs the 3DS has to offer, and it offers a lot of them. The thing I love most about Xenoblade on 3DS is that with the fantastic 3D of the New 3DS you don’t notice the quite frankly awful graphics (even for the time of original release on Wii), you’re busy enjoying the huge landscape in 3D. Xenoblade 3D is a great game but you need a lot of time to be able to play it and actually achieve anything in game.

As for the Wii U, this month I’ve only used Wii fit. I do yoga and muscle exercises with it and whilst it doesn’t offer much I couldn’t just do without using Wii fit I found it great to stick the gamepad next to my TV and do my exercise at the same time and watching Olympic highlights. I prefer to use Wii fit as it makes sure I do each stretch for the correct amount of time and that I don’t rush through my exercise or over exert myself. It also keeps the exercise to a calm pace, giving you a tiny break between each exercise which is nice to create a chilled out workout session.

Reuben’s Monthly Most Played
Another month with no Wii U play, however my 3DS has had a tremendous workout this month. Beginning with Metroid, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary this month (very quietly), with me playing both Super Metroid and Metroid II in the franchises honour. I reviewed both games, but I can’t impress enough the genius design of both games, especially that of Super Metroid. I could talk about the game almost indefinitely, but it is probably best that I just direct you to the reviews instead. Or just inform that you should just play it.

Otherwise, and for the majority of my gaming time this month, I have been playing through Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I’m playing this through again to review, and to get myself ready for Spirit of Justice. I did forget how incredible the game was and how much about the plot I had actually forgotten too. Furthermore, the music of Phoenix Wright is still absolutely brilliant even so many years on. Also, the trilogy found itself on Sale on 3DS eShop this month, which was more than enough reason to pick it up. Oh … and I’ve been playing Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past because I can’t be not playing a JRPG at any given time.



Smash managed to keep it’s hype alive over many months with the 3DS release, the Wii U release, and then multiple DLCs, many of which showcased fantastic official crossover art

Mätti’s Monthly Most Played
On Wii U this month I’ve once again racked up the most hours on Splatoon, (even attending a live Splatoon event) but that took my winning spot last month so instead I’ll be writing about the runner up. Super Smash Bros Wii U is the fifth installment in the Smash Bros series and along with the 3DS version they’re the biggest, wackiest, and most ambitious ones yet. Super Smash Bros takes it to the next level by not only once again making a game around the collission of multiple series’ but actually bringing in many 3rd party characters one might not typically associate with Nintendo for the finisher. Smash Wii U boasts the best visuals and biggest roster yet, bringing back many old favorites but unfortunately dropping a handful too (sorry Wolf fans). The game is fundamentally unbalanced with multiple tiers existing across the characters, but this can make the victory all the sweeter if you happen to be using someone at a disadvantage and still take home the gold (shout out to my Wii Fit Trainer players), and with the addition of the internet it’s nice to see companies not only listening to fans but continuing to fine tune their games post release, with many updates removing some of the more unfair advantages some characters may possess. Corrin’s Counter did nothing wrong.

With the release of Pokemon GO I’m actually slightly ashamed to admit I’ve stopped carrying my 3DS around with me everywhere I go, with this mediocre mobile app apparently providing all the portable gaming my pasty body needs. Upon booting up my Daily Log I’m told the most time I’ve spent on a game this month is Metroid Prime: Federation Force/Blast Ball, something which apparently sucked up 2 hours of my life, so I’ll be talking about that. As a lower price Nindie title FF/BB could pass as a cute, if somewhat bland, little addition to your 3DS library. Gameplay, graphics, controls, and story not being anything overwhelmingly awful is a plus but there’s also nothing too much to boast about either. Missions are a little bland and I wouldn’t force that damned tutorial on anybody, but the issue is Metroid Prime is not a small indie company trying to give us something not-Triple-A-but-passable-enough-to-smile-at, it’s a successor to an enormous IP produced by Nintendo themselves and while I have no personal attachment to the Metroid series I can easily see why this release would be an absolute kick in the teeth to some fans. And then a little dribble of urine in the mouth to boot. It doesn’t take too long for missions to feel like a chore and while I most certainly haven’t written the game off entirely I’m not absolutely itching to go back to it. Spamming a high pitched Japanese woman’s voice in multiplayer to wind up my friends may have been the most amusement I got out of the experience. And don’t get me started on Blast Ball.


What do you think of some of the games listed here, and what are your monthly most played? Drop us a comment below or tweet me @MattiasMay. Thanks for reading!

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